Win A Trip to Italy with Jovial |

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been honored to have been able to partner with jovial foods. Their family business is one that I truly admire and respect. Not only are they committed to sustainable, small scale farming but their products taste phenomenal. Last month I shared with you a bit about their Culinary Getaways they host in Italy.

I was excited to hear that some of you booked a reservation. I also know that many of you, including myself, have been daydreaming about being able to escape to Jovial’s culinary getaways. Secretly romanticizing about the evenings abroad learning traditional cooking techniques all the while taking in the sights of the Tuscan country side. Oh yes!

Guess what!

Am I ever excited to share with you today that you can WIN a trip for two to jovial’s Culinary Getaways in Italy! Oh sweet readers, I would LOVE it if one of you were able to win!!

(Click Here for complete information on the Jovial website!)

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Easy, Homemade BBQ Sauce - The Real Food Way |

Besides gardening, what I love about spring is that it’s the beginning of bbq season! For me and mine, that usually means more recipes using a good, thick, sweet and tangy bbq sauce. I like to make pulled pork sandwiches in the slow cooker, bbq pork ribs and beef short ribs, ham hock with baked beans, and, of course, bbq chicken pizza… my favorite!


Unfortunately, many bbq sauces sold pre-bottled have many processed ingredients including high fructose corn syrup. It’s a blessing that you can now find some good organic options but finding one with a good robust flavor can prove itself to be a bit more difficult.

Why buy when you can make, right? Especially when it’s so easy to do.

Easy, Homemade BBQ Sauce - The Real Food Way |

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Your Kids Can Garden Too - 5 Simple Tasks Your Kids Can Do in the Garden! |

This past weekend my sister Susie (who runs this website with me) and I spent time cleaning up, amending, and sowing seeds in our garden beds at our parent’s home. As usual, with everything that we do, we always include our children – all six of them, ranging in ages from 1-8.

Since my children were itty-bitty’s, they’ve watched me sow, tend to, and harvest our garden year after year.

Your Kids Can Garden Too - 5 Simple Tasks Your Kids Can Do in the Garden! |

Along the way, they’ve always helped me in the garden.

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Braised Spring Stew with Asparagus and Carrots |

Thanks to Jovial for partnering with My Humble Kitchen. Please remember that if you order anything from Jovial’s online store you will receive 10% off PLUS free shipping by using the online code, HumbleK.

I haven’t been making many braises in my kitchen lately. Humble pieces of meat, browned on both sides, then simmered in a homemade sauce, low and slow, until the meat is perfectly tender and the sauce is filled with everything good that was added to the pot. Since a braise to my liking takes at least 1.5 hours to cook, I’ve had to create more slow cooker meals these past two years since every recipe I develop at home is set aside for subscribers to my menu plan service.

Although a slow cooker meal is often times a great alternative to a braise on the stovetop, my heart often yearns for the more traditional approach where rustic, deep flavors can be created.

With the changing seasons, I decided to welcome spring with a simple braise of steak, asparagus, and carrots simmering in a reduction of red wine and crushed tomatoes and then infused with the aromatic of fresh sage. Sounds fancy that way, doesn’t it? It’s really not. It’s just real, seasonal, good food.

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It’s Simple Lives Thursday!

My favorite day of the week where you share your tips and recipes for living a simple life. Whichever blog that you choose to link up your post, it will show up on all 4 sites! As a reminder, this blog hop is a way to share with many people your posts on what you are doing to live a simple life. Whether that’s gardening, raising urban chickens, homeschooling, sewing, making your own deodorant, or cleaning supplies… we want to know about it! If you’re into homeopathy, ways to save $ by conserving energy or other ways to live frugally… we want to know about it! If you bike, cook real food, homestead or farm… we want to know about it!

Your Hosts

  1. Millie from Homespun Oasis
  2. Diana from My Humble Kitchen

Please read and follow the Simple Lives Thursday bloghop rules

1. If linking real, traditional and simple recipes, please make sure all ingredients used are whole. Such as whole grains, vegetables, legumes, meats, even sugar. In order to keep the integrity of “nourishing” food, we will delete any recipes that utilize processed, boxed foods. We are definitely not going to be ingredient policeman, however, please note that this is a hop hosted by advocates of the real, local and sustainable food movements.

2. Please link your posts back to one of the hosting blogs. This is a common blog hop courtesy. This link helps build the Simple Lives Thursday community by sending your readers to all of the other participants posts. We all end up sharing and learning from each other.

3. No giveaway away or otherwise primarily advertising oriented posts. Keep your topics to fit our simple living theme of “consume less, produce more.” We will delete posts that don’t fit.

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The Nourished Kitchen Cookbook |

Each year there are new cookbooks that are published and released during the spring and fall. In these seasons I excitedly research the vast variety of new cookbooks set to releaseAs I’ve written before, a well written cookbook that includes history, tradition, and proper cooking technique can be looked upon as a text book for the home cook or chef. For me, it’s these text book quality cookbooks that I long for – those that teach.

A well written book like this encourages roughened pages, bent corners, and highlighted sections of new recipes and techniques to be learned. Yes, a book like this is much more than just a cookbook but a trusted friend.

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