We’re living in a dying world

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Since I started gardening, 5 seasons ago, I have become more interested in buying local, growing my own and learning about green initiatives. It pretty much goes hand in hand. (Don’t even think about calling me a hippy!) I think it’s fantastic that people are making a difference, reaching out and educating the general public as to what’s happening in our world today.

With that said, I also think more people need to know that what is happening in our world today is falling according to His plan. The world that we are living in today is dying due to our sins. The more I read Isaiah, the more it’s become quite evident that we are going through the exact same thing all over again. Isaiah was a prophet of God who told the people of Jerusalem and Israel that because of their selfish ways, their turning from God, their idolatry and trust in mere humans that they would be destroyed. He had enough and I know that the same fate is awaiting our country. With the passing of laws and our justifications to openly and happily live in sin, you can see what has already begun. The downturn of our economy, disastrous natural events, and the ever increasing violence towards us by the Middle East. It amazes me that we keep pushing God out of our country. His hands are slowly but surely being driven away and we are more and more looking to people (Barack Obama) to save us. Is Barack our hope? Not mine!

As a believer, I know what’s happening in our world. And I know that as long as I am here on this Earth the enemy is going to do everything in his power to distract me and push me farther away from Him. For me this comes in the form of hobbies and being busy. (Being Under Satans Yolk) As a wife, mother, homemaker, professional, we are often bombarded with so much info on what to do for every aspect of our lives. Do this, don’t do that, read this, this person said that, eat this, don’t eat that, this is good for you, this is bad for you, your child should be doing this not that, etc, etc, etc…. As you can see, we are too easily influenced by other people.

Stop putting your trust in mere humans. They are as frail as breath. How can they be of help to anyone? Isaiah 2:22 

I have an amazing person in my life, Tracey Fees. She is the pastor’s wife at the church I attend, Heartland Christian Fellowship. I love my home fellowship. There’s nothing fancy or traditional about it. It’s definitely no rockin power church, It’s all about Jesus. We go through the Bible verse by verse, our Pastor Brent Fees let’s us know what it’s talking about and how it applies to our lives today. Simple! We go through the Bible as we believe it is the only inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God. Anyway’s, my friend Tracey, gave me a book called, Pleasing God, by Kay Smith. It’s been a great book for me to read as the Holy Spirit has really been speaking to me about how I’m using my time. The number one questions she says that we need to ask is, “Is this pleasing to God?” Why didn’t I think of that before? It really simplifies so much. As I start a project or want to get involved in something else, I have been repeatedly asking myself this, and I quickly know the answer. I don’t feel bad about saying no, or moving on, as I know that it’s not His will for me. The more and more I’ve been asking God to show himself to me, he has repeatedly been showing me the same thing. I have been going through a mothers and sons bible with my toddler boys. As I was teaching them about Isaac, I came upon this.

Isaac learned an important lesson at a young age — don’t put anything — ANYTHING — ahead of God. 

God spoke to me through that and I still find myself engaged in too many things. Please feel free to keep me accountable. For me, it’s finally come down to this. I’m going to live my life for Him. Everything I do, I want it to be pleasing to Him. I’m going to dance, create, and live under Him. I will NOT live under a mere person or legalism! There’s a reason that Jesus came and threw away laws of the old. I will not be held under condemnation by other people. If I have a Mcdonald’s happy meal, I’m going to enjoy it! (I can see the stones being thrown at me right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I’m definitely, not going to live under some author’s standards because they are the PHD of this or that! Sorry folks, not going to happen! If in the Bible, Jesus called it clean, It’s clean!!!

I can invision Jesus right now, “Hey Diana, you’re living in a dying world. Take advantage of everything that I have here for you and do it my name, but remember, this is all in my plan! You’re coming home one day! Chill out, have fun, but do it in my name!”

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  1. Abby says:

    Amen, sister.

  2. Divina Pe says:

    You've written it well Diana. You're truly a blessing from God. I actually need some time off from blogging I guess to rest in His care and listen to His voice about His direction for my life and the things He specifically want me to do.

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