A heart for the Lord!

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NOTE: This post is about Jesus! About my Savior, my LORD.

Over the past few months that I’ve started this blog, the Lord has made it more and more clear about how I should be spending my time and has definitely made it very clear that I cannot, CANNOT, serve two masters. I either serve him and his will for me or I make my own plans according to my own will and out of his. I pushed, I cringed, I looked the other way and drove forward as he was showing me that blogging, though innocent in it’s own form, is taking too much of my time that I don’t have. In today’s Sermon, Pastor Brent showed us through God’s word

For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
James 4:14

I’ve been putting way too much time not just blogging, but uploading to foodbuzz, driving into other food communities, and facebook..well, let’s not even go there, lol! I’ve actually gotten better at facebook but God doesn’t want just some, he wants all of me. So with a heart of contentment and a heart after Jesus, I’ve decided to quit foodbuzz, all food communities and update my own blog periodically as I have time. I won’t quit all together as I see my blog as a journal for my grandkids to come. I apolgize to all my foodie friends that I have become friends with and that leave the sweetest comments, but the Lord has commanded me to slow down and I need to obey. I need to be obedient.

I am a person that has so many interests, so many things I love to do. God, however, has given me things in a clear direction that I need to follow. First of all he has given me a husband and beautiful children. He has also given me an artistic ability and a heart to teach and has paved the way for that.

My first painting done many moons ago in College.
I’d like to go back to this one day…if He say’s I have time :)

He opened the door of freelance work through Phileo Design. He most recently opened the door for me to teach Web Design at a local community college. He threw that door wide open for me and I need to see what His plan is there. I don’t know what or where I will be in the next few years, but I do know that I want it to be according to His will. I want to live my life for Jesus and I want him to be happy with me. I want to do the best to help my family and to raise my children to have a heart for the Lord. Whether they stay or stray, I want them to alway’s know that God loves them.

So I do have a few posts waiting but since school will start here in the next couple weeks, my posts will slow down and my real life will resume in His love and in His mercy!

Before I peace out, lol, I want to share an amazing ministry based out of Uganda. Check out on Earth as it is in Heaven. Katie shares her love for Christ and her passion for children in Uganda without the hope of an education to send them to school and most importantly show them the love of Christ. Her passion, her faith is so inspiring. If you can, check out how you can support and help a child through school.

8 Responses to "A heart for the Lord!"
  1. Frank says:

    Diana, God has blessed you with some amazing gifts and talent to do so many things. I look at this page and salavate. Not just because of the tasty food I would love to make on my own, but also for the way this page looks and is designed. I love it, and it is truely a work of art. Think about how you can use those gifts for the Lord and how He may be blessed by them. Everything in moderation. You know that family comes before ministry. I agree I need to slow down too. I'm getting over public speaking with Toastmasters, I blog, and working on teaching people how to share their faith with working on doing it myself. The funny thing is that I also want to take up the guitar again and learn Spanish. It's crazy isn't it. How did we all get so busy? Thank you for the encouragement. The teaching was really good these past weeks. Makes me think.

  2. Lesli Watters says:

    Diana, I drove by a church on the southside today and the sign out front said, "God wants full custody, not every other weekend."

    This entry from you reminded me of that….

    :) Lesli

  3. Chow and Chatter says:

    wow good for you Diana yep better do what God is telling you to do, love you God Bless
    I have been through similar things with different issues and you are doing the right thing

  4. Simply Life says:

    Thank you for sharing! I will still look forward to reading your blog updates and it's obvious you also have an enormous gift for art that you will be able to bless other with! What a good reminder of reflecting on where we spend our time…thanks!

  5. 5 Star Foodie says:

    It's definitely important to follow what's in your heart and find balance. I'll be looking forward to your updates when you have a chance to post them!

  6. Marillyn 'Mare' Beard says:

    Diana, sweet Diana! I am so excited about what God is doing in your life! He will bless you above and beyond because of your obedience. The Lord is working in my life with the blog too. We will see where He will take us :o) I love you and miss chatting with you. Su amiga…

  7. Tien says:

    I am glad that I meet you through foodbuzz. I am looking forward to keeping in touch through our blogs. I would always love to know busy people than no busy people, not at the expense of yourself or your love ones. I burned myself out my last year of high school being in every club out there. I realized then it matter to no one except myself… And when my health was affected, I just shut down. -Tien :)

  8. Divina Pe says:

    Dear Diana, you are truly an inspiration. I totally understand you as I feel the same way right now. I felt that I've been neglecting the Lord because of blogging and participating in other social networks. Sometimes, clicking the computer mouse and going nowhere. I'm still praying for direction in my life but still acknowledge God that He has me right where I am for a reason. Although I do get restless about what does God really want me to do from time to time. But I do believe every second is not a waste to God and I also do believe that I do have a purpose where I am right now. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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