Farm Crawl 2009

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Every year, family farms in Southern Iowa opens their farms to the public on a day called Farm Crawl. This year seven farms participated on a beautiful sunny, Sunday afternoon.

The seven farms included

  1. Blue Gate Farm(Jill Beebout & Sean Skeehan) – a Certified Naturally Grown, chemical-free produce farm with pastured eggs, and honey bees servicing our CSA and DM farmers market. 
  2. Coyote Run Farm – (Matt Russell & Patrick Standley) –  a 110 acre farm rebuilding to profitability through relational marketing and sustainable agriculture that grow chemical-free produce & cut flowers, pastured poultry & eggs, hormone-free beef & grass fed beef, hay, and mules.
  3. Dan-D Farm(Dan & Jana Dennison) – 18 acre corn maze, racing pigs, barnyard animals, hay rides, and a giant slide.
  4. Pierce’s Pumpkin Patch – (John & Joy Pierce) – thousands of different pumpkins, squashes, gourds, and decorative corn.
  5. Reichert’s Dairy Air (Lois & Jack Reichert) – a state licensed goat micro dairy that recently moved into a custom built milking barn and cheese-making building.
  6. Schneider Orchards(Arnie & Jane Schneider) – fresh Iowa grown apples!
  7. White Breast Pottery – (Sharon Seuferer & Carol Oliver) Local clays in making pieces that reflect our area.

By the time we had gotten out of church, rounded up all the kids, and ate lunch, we were only able to make it to three farms.  Reichert’s Dairy Air, Pierce’s Pumpkin Patch, and Blue Gate Farm.  I was a little saddened to have missed Coyote Run, however, I have already spent a day on their farm helping them process chickens which you can see here.

Follow me along as I share a bit about some of our outstanding family farms!  To see all of my pictures please visit me at flickr.

Reichert’s Dairy Air

Lois and Jack Reichert’s goat micro dairy is impecable. It’s a beautiful clean facility with healthy La Mancha goats.  Lois Reichert uses the milk to produce one of our communities most popular goat cheeses.  From Chevre to Robiola, Lois Reichert has mastered the skill of cheesemaking!  I wish I would have been able to hear more about the production, however, I had 3 rambunctious kids to catch!



Pierce’s Pumpkin Patch
Pierce’s Pumpkin Patch is a beautiful farm.  They had a great haybale maze for the kids to go through and had all of their animals set up in different parts of the maze.  The kids LOVED it!  At the end of the maze we were able to visit their pumpkin patch and see their thousands of gourds!
Blue Gate Farm
I had the best time at Blue Gate Farm.  Jill Beebout and Sean Skeehan have an amazing “beyond organic” farm.  I was impressed by the knowledge and commitment they make to not only grow organic but in their methods of sustainability and bio-diversity.  Jill focuses on growing vegetables for their CSA while Sean focuses on livestock. (Jill, if you read this and I’m mistaken, please feel free to comment 😉  As I took a tour with Jill, I was so taken by the every detail that she takes in growing her vegetables.  She stated that they grow “beyond organic,” meaning they don’t utilize chemicals with an organic label.  They have a specific way of growing utilizing crop rotation, grass between rows to reap the benefits of beneficial insects and worms to aerate the soil creating better growing environments.  They have many beehives located in different places throughout their farms for pollination and to decrease their risks of overhead chemicals from neighboring farms.  Jill also has two high tunnels that I was taken by.  She is able to grow earlier and later into the season.  With the help of Practical Farmers of Iowa they are currently doing research comparing vegetables being grown outdoors versus in the high tunnels.  Amazing!  Their chickens are spoiled babies as they pasture on grass, being moved every two days to ensure new pasture and eats!  I can go on about Jill!  The greatest thing about Blue Gate is their passion for what they are doing!  It is definitely contagious and makes me yearn for my own hobby farm!  Thank you Jill and Sean for an amazing tour and all that you do to serve our community!









If you live in Iowa and missed the farm crawl this year, make sure to mark it on your calendar for next year!

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  1. Belinda @Zomppa says:

    Fabulous photos! Congratulations on your well-deserved nominations!

  2. Marija says:

    I love that turkey photo!

    And congratulations on nominations from me too :)

  3. Chow and Chatter says:

    what a lovely post I am thrilled u are nominated u deserve it

  4. Diana Bauman says:

    Thank you so much!!

  5. pityenlacocina says:

    what a wonderful day out! i loved the "moco del pavo".



  6. Simply Life says:

    Sounds like a wonderful event!

  7. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

    I love this post! The farm crawl sounds like a wonderful event. Thanks for sharing all the info about the farms and farming methods as well as the beautiful pictures. That's how our food is supposed to be made…

    Also, congratulations on your Foodbuzz nominations! You SOOO deserve them!

  8. Miranda says:

    I am fully of envy. I grew up on my family beautiful farm in OH. They owned there own slaughtering house and the full 9 yards. I miss that sooo sooo much.

    Congrats on the nomination. YOU DESERVE IT!!

  9. Elin says:

    Diana, this is a great post. My kids and I have never been to a real farm before and thanks for enlightening us with your this write out. Glad your family enjoy this outing :))

  10. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous photos! Simply awesome

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    thanks for the share

  11. Divina Pe says:

    Wow. This would be one of the best places I could visit. It's all about community, the kids are having so much fun and appreciating what nature has to give us. The animals are so cute. It's obvious I live in the crowded city of Metro Manila.

    About the legumes, my resources came from different books and my own experience. I don't have specific books for legumes alone. But Rebecca Wood's books talk about whole foods and their preparations.

    By the way, congratulations on your nominations. :)

  12. BlueGate says:

    Beautifully photographed and described all around, Diana!
    You make me want to visit my own farm : )
    Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm! We look forward to having you back out for a visit sometime soon for your own private tour.

  13. Núria says:

    Hola Diana! Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog :D.

    The pictures are great and you seemed to have such a good time!

    Espero verte de nuevo por mi blog ;D.
    Un abrazo.

  14. girlichef says:

    How cool!!! We have something kind of similar around here…local, small organic farms on a farm-hop sort of thing! Thanks for giving us this virtual tour :)

  15. Tasty Eats At Home says:

    This looks like a lot of fun! Our kids would love something like this.

  16. Diana Bauman says:

    Thanks everyone!!

  17. Jessie says:

    sounds like a fun event, I love the photos as well. congrats on the nomination!

  18. My Little Space says:

    Your little one enjoying it so much. Great to see them having fun there! I learned milking when I was in New Zealand 20 years back…he he! A real farm with lots of white sheeps and milking cows.

  19. Arabic Bites says:

    I love this post diana…I bet you all have fun & love the last photo with your cute little son (showed that he really had a good time) 😀

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