Monday’s with Mami – Almejas Con Arroz

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This is my Abuela Rora and Tita Carlota.  Two of my great aunts in Spain. They are my inspiration!  We usually speak every other week or so.  Conversation centers on my boys, sisters, family and food! In a loud, concerned, almost piercing voice, my tita’s usually ask, “Y LOS NINOS?  ESTAN COMIENDO??  TENEIS QUE ALIMENTAR!!!  […]


Homemade Compost – Save your fall leaves

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Last week, my pops, Nehe, and I, unloaded my compost bin and refilled it with fallen leaves.  It was perfect weather outside and we certainly took advantage of it.  Last year my dad built me my first compost bin.  He filled it himself with all of the leaves that had fallen in his backyard.  He […]