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Good Morning Garden Soldiers!  This giveaway is just for you!!!  I’m starting my one year blogiversary bash with a gardening giveaway suitable for anyone.  Whether you live in a rural acreage or have a tiny apartment in the busiest urban city the Garden Patch™ Grow Box™ will allow you to Grow Your Own Food!

I was super excited when I saw this product as I’m also a container gardener.  Besides plots of land scattered throughout the city I also container garden on my front and back patios.  I’ve grown annuals, carrots, beets, tomatoes, and peppers in containers.  For me the most difficult part of growing in containers has been finding a cost efficient, durable container that lasts.

Here’s a bit of what they have to say.

Easily pick 60 lbs of tomatoes from just one Grow Box. Replace an entire in-ground garden with just 6! The Garden Patch is so simple and efficient, it takes care of itself.

Sets Up in Less Than 5 Minutes

Works anywhere, every time – even for first-time gardeners.

Grows the biggest, juiciest, best tasting tomatoes you’ve ever had.

Automatic feeding and watering without guessing

Comes complete with FREE fertilizer.

No Weeding or back aches – Finally you’ll enjoy your garden instead of toiling in it.

Grows peppers and flowers like a pro.

No guessing or hassles of box gardens and hydroponics. Pays for itself in less than one season.

100% Natural growing.

Guaranteed to be the easiest and most productive garden or your money back.

A mighty little garden for a very little price!

More productive than in-ground gardens and twice the fun.

You can see why I got so excited!!  Typically, I write a review when I get a product and test it out.  Well, this is going to be a special case.  I get to review and blog about this product throughout the entire season.  The Garden Patch is sending me 2 boxes in terra cotta to review. I am planning on growing tomatoes in one and peppers in the other.  I’m hoping that by the end of the season my tomato plants will do as well as the one above :)  I’m curious and will blog about how it holds up to disease.  I’m optimistic since it’s in a container, you water from below and there is a clear barrier between the plant and soil.  All key elements.

Check out some of these other pictures.

This last man is growing sweet corn on a rooftop of his apartment. This very well may be a revolutionary easy way to provide nourishing food for your family!  If you live in a tiny apartment, check out your rooftop and if there is space, ask your apartment owner if you can grow some veggies up there.  For more fun pictures of the Grow Box in action, click here.

What I am really excited about is that The Garden Patch has agreed to send one lucky ready there very own Grow Box which retails at $29.95!  The lucky winner will also have the option to choose their Grow Box in Terra Cotta or Green.

How to Enter..
For your first entry, please comment on what you would like to grow in your Garden Patch Grow Box.  Easy Peasy!

Extra Entries…
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Every comment must include an email address – it’s ok if you comment with your blog account as long as I can get to your email through your blog!  The giveaway ends April 1st and is open to the Continental US only.  The winner will be chosen by

Good Luck Garden Soldiers!

Part 1: Ordering Seed Catalogs
Part 2: Understanding the differences between Heirloom, Hybrid, GMO, and Organic Seeds 
Part 3: Planting Zones, Frost Dates, and Planting Calendars
Part 4. Understanding Succession Planting
Part 5. Spring Time is Near!  It’s Time to Start Those Seedlings! 
Part 6. Growing Seeds Indoors Under Supplemental Lighting

Tomorrow, I will continue onto part 7 of our gardening series, tending your seedlings as so many of us are going through this right now.  Thanks again for a wonderful year 😀

This post is a part of Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday!

    143 Responses to "The Garden Patch™ Grow Box™ GIVEAWAY!"
    1. the wicked noodle says:

      TOMATOES! Fresh salsa is a staple in our house in the summertime!

    2. the wicked noodle says:

      Fanned and shared :-)

    3. the wicked noodle says:

      I already follow you in my Google reader…which is how I found this great giveaway :-)

    4. Sweet and Savory says:

      I've been waiting for this post! This would be ideal for our family! I'd definitely grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, jalepenos, carrots…the list is endless!


    5. Sweet and Savory says:

      I already have you on my blogroll!

    6. the wicked noodle says:

      Followed on Twitter and tweeted! (Had to delete the last hashtag to get it to fit 😉

    7. the wicked noodle says:

      STUMBLED…this is fun! :-)

    8. Sweet and Savory says:

      I just became a fan on facebook!


    9. Divina Pe says:

      That's a great giveaway Diana. Now, I wish I live in the States. :)

    10. Miranda says:

      All I can say is, "I WANT THIS!!!! I WANT THIS!!!"
      But I am already a fan, follow you on twitter, signed up for your emails and so on…I can't do it again. :((
      This is my only chance…Hope I get lucky!!!!

    11. Kelli says:

      Shared on Facebook!

    12. Candi says:

      Love that idea! Come over and link this up so others can see how to grow a small garden.

    13. Hope says:

      This would be awesome! I always seem to get some type of blight on my tomatoes. So I would like to try tomatoes in the box.

    14. Tien says:

      Since Florida got hit with the cold spell, the tomato prices are going to be high this year. I plan to grow as much tomatoes as possible. What a nice giveaway! -Tien

    15. Kristen says:

      I have some seedlings coming up for Pink Ponderosa tomatoes, which can get up to 2 lbs! I would try those or some of my sweet peppers. :-)

      This is a gift that lasts a lifetime!

    16. Hope says:

      already follow you on facebook! I am a BIG fan :)

    17. Foy Update - Garden Cook Write Repeat says:

      I think cherry tomatos are the obvious answer for me. Because you can water from below all the soil born fungus and bacteria not to mention V. Wilt would be kept at bay.

      I'd put this baby out on the porch in front of my office so everyone at the arboretum could see it grow. If I don't win, maybe I'll have to order one for myself.

    18. Andrea says:

      Love organic, but I am not very good at growing my own food. Thankfully, we can get organic food locally, here.
      Hugs, andrea

    19. Paula says:

      1st entry: What would I grow? Heirloom tomatoes. I have tried to grow tomatoes and each year I have lots of green, but not a single flower to turn into a tomato. :( I would love for once to grow TOMATOES not just leaves.

    20. Paula says:

      2nd entry – I am already a fan of yours on Facebook.

    21. Paula says:

      3rd entry I am subscribed to receive your updates via emails.

    22. Paula says:

      4th, 5th and 6th entries. Putting the I GROW MY OWN FOOD on my blog.

    23. Paula says:

      Guess I should post a 5th entry separately

    24. Paula says:

      and a 6th entry seperaely

    25. Nupur says:

      I would love to grow herbs in the box- nothing like fresh herbs to take home cooked meals to the next level.


    26. Kelli says:

      With the changes I'm making to my garden a container would give me even more options! I think I would like to test it the first season with something I'm totally familiar with like tomatoes or peppers.

    27. Ann @ Appalachian Appetites says:

      Tomatoes definitely! I've never tried them.

    28. Ann @ Appalachian Appetites says:

      I subscribed for email updates!

    29. Debbie says:


    30. Ann @ Appalachian Appetites says:

      And it's on my FB wall! Yay for the contest! Love your blog :)

    31. Debbie says:

      already fanned and shared your post on fb

    32. Debbie says:

      following you and tweeted :)

    33. The Smiths says:

      There are so many things I would love to grow…tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, green beans, etc.

    34. Angela says:

      I would love to grow Tomatoes in my apartment.

    35. Blair says:

      They work really well for tomatoes and I like to use them for salad greens and radishes and peas in the spring time because they warm up faster and are easy to put some plastic over to create a "greenhouse."
      hopeforluck at hotmail dot com

    36. Chow and Chatter says:

      that is so cool, want one and congrats on one year of your awesome blog, following ya and going to tweet

    37. Meg @ Be Fit Be Full says:

      I love all things spicy so I would grow peppers!

    38. Simply Life says:

      wow! this would be perfect for me! I'd LOVE to have lots of fresh tomatoes!

    39. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

      I would grow tomatoes!!! Sounds like a great product, and I can't wait to see how it'll work out for you throughout the season! :)

    40. Andrea@WellnessNotes says:

      I follow you on Twitter, and I tweeted.

    41. Marie Anne says:

      Tweeted from @Ldyjarhead. Pick me, pick me!

    42. Marie Anne says:

      Just became a fan on Facebook and posted on my wall. I would REALLY love this!

    43. Marie Anne says:

      Stumbled and thumbs up!

    44. ~Sara says:

      I am also a container gardener so this would be great to try! I would grow tomatoes or herbs in mine if I won!

    45. ~Sara says:

      Subscribe to you via Google Reader…

    46. ~Sara says:

      Badge on my blog!

      Badge 1

    47. ~Sara says:

      Badge 2

    48. ~Sara says:

      Badge 3

    49. Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete says:

      That is so cool!! I would be growing tomatoes! I love them and eat them like apples (when they are good).

    50. Brie: Le Grand Fromage says:

      i would definitely grow sweet green bell peppers – i eat them like candy!

    51. Brie: Le Grand Fromage says:

      i am signed up to receive your emails! :)

    52. Brie: Le Grand Fromage says:

      your giveaway has been Stumbled!

    53. Erin from Long Island says:

      I never have much success with bell peppers or eggplant in the ground, so I want to try those in the grow box

    54. Erin from Long Island says:

      FB fan, shared
      Erin Neu

    55. Erin from Long Island says:

      email subscriber

    56. Erin from Long Island says:

      user erunuevo

    57. Anonymous says:

      Hello! I am very excited about this giveaway because I've always, always wanted to start a garden and since I have a lot of health problems and not much money or space (live in an apartment), this would be PERFECT! :) I would love to grow broccoli, carrots, asparagus, and honestly whatever else I could! :)

      Thank you!
      ~Mandy Morrison

    58. Anonymous says:

      Hello again! I just added you on facebook :)

      ~Mandy Morrison

    59. Anonymous says:

      Hello again! I just shared your profile on facebook :)

      ~Mandy Morrison

    60. Anonymous says:

      I just followed you on twitter and tweeted about this giveaway! :)

      ~Mandy Morrison

    61. Anonymous says:

      Hello again! I just put the badge on my wordpress blog! :)

      Badge 1

      ~Mandy Morrison

    62. Anonymous says:

      Hello again! I just put the badge on my wordpress blog! :)

      Badge 2

      ~Mandy Morrison

    63. Anonymous says:

      Hello again! I just put the badge on my wordpress blog! :)

      Badge 3

      Thank you!!

      ~Mandy Morrison

    64. bglosser says:

      Probably tomatoes… or carrots & cucumbers. Hmm. Tough choice! :)

    65. bglosser says:

      Already a fan on facebook, but I posted the link!!

    66. bglosser says:

      Subscribed to receive posts via email!

    67. Kelli says:

      I put your button on my blog #1

    68. Kelli says:

      I put the button on my blog #2

    69. Kelli says:

      I put the button on my blog #3

    70. Cara @ Health Home and Happiness says:

      I'd love to grow tomatoes in one! 60 lbs of tomatoes on my apartment's porch- how awesome!

    71. Cara @ Health Home and Happiness says:

      Tweeting @healthhomehappy

    72. Fresh Local and Best says:

      This is a fantastic giveaway. I would grow herbs, a whole variety of herbs, so that I won't have to make so many trips to the store.

    73. Aimeem26 says:

      I'd love to see how tomatoes would do in this – didn't have much luck last year in the container I used!

    74. Aimeem26 says:

      I'm an email subscriber

    75. chanelle says:

      I'd grow tomatoes. I'm a mom of 4- anything that can take care of itself is welcome around here.

    76. chanelle says:

      I stumbled this post.

    77. tperry_trp says:

      Tomatoes for sure.

    78. jennielee226 says:

      I would grow lettuce. I have been wanting to for so long, but I only have a small patch of yard that I share with two neigbors living in the middle of town.

    79. jennielee226 says:

      I would grow lettuce. I have been wanting to for so long, but I only have a small patch of yard that I share with two neigbors living in the middle of town.

    80. Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship says:

      I could NOT decide! Maybe lettuce so it's close to the house and away from hungry bunnies…or as many salsa ing. as I could fit!

      By the way, what a beautiful series on gardening. Please link it into the "get the pesticides out" topic for the Spring Cleaning carnival at KS – that week is the second in May, hosted by Heavenly Homemakers, who also has fab organic gardening info.
      :) Katie

    81. Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship says:

      I stumbled!

    82. Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship says:

      I'm a new FB fan!

    83. Tukki says:

      Oh……besos, indeed…so glad to have found this blog!

      If I won, I would tomatoes, for sure. Here in upstate NY, we had a terrible tomato blight last year and tomatoes were sky-high in price at the farmer's markets. I won't buy those anemic pink things in plastic from the supermarket…feh!


    84. A Cupcake for Moose says:

      Following you on twitter and retweeted yoru giveaway (@schalktalk). Love your blog!

    85. Ann @ Appalachian Appetites says:

      Ok, you're linked on my blog 😉

    86. A Cupcake for Moose says:

      Badge 1

    87. A Cupcake for Moose says:

      Badge 2

    88. A Cupcake for Moose says:

      Badge 3 :)

    89. A Cupcake for Moose says:

      For my regular comment, I would grow peppers, beets and salad greens (spinach, endive, etc). LOVE the giveaway! Thanks so much!

    90. Corinne says:

      This North Central Iowa gal would love to grow tomatoes year-round…delicious!!

    91. Corinne says:

      I subscribe and enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!

    92. gail says:

      What a fantastic giveaway, especially for someone like me who doesn't have much sunny yard space. I would love to grow salad greens and some herbs. Thanks for the opportunity.

    93. momgateway says:

      I always grow cilantro,parsley and scallions so think I'm going for this. I'm going a giveaway too if any of your readers are interested.

    94. Rachelle says:

      I would try pumpkins, corn or broccoli.

    95. Sweet and Savory says:

      I just Stumbled….

    96. Fuji Mama says:

      LOTS and LOTS of tomatoes!

    97. Fuji Mama says:

      I subscribe via email!

    98. Fuji Mama says:

      I tweeted! Tweet! Tweet! :)

    99. Fuji Mama says:

      I stumbled!

    100. Paula - bell'alimento says:

      Oh I so need this ; ) TOMATOES beautiful tomatoes for all my Italian recipes! Mwah! Thanks for the opportunity Diana!

    101. Paula - bell'alimento says:

      I subscribe to your email feed!

    102. Paula - bell'alimento says:

      I am a fan on Facebook!

    103. Paula - bell'alimento says:

      Stumbled ; )

    104. Kelli says:

      Well, I want one because I am lazy and prefer to garden from my small deck or front porch area rather than go around and down out into the yard to water, fertilize, pick,etc! I like the convenience aspect of it. Maybe tomatoes or peppers.

    105. kc says:

      Love your blog and really want to win the container for peppers. I can never get the varieties I want at the farmers market.

    106. kc says:

      I've already subscribed to your posts by email.

    107. kc says:

      I stumbled this page.

    108. Justine says:

      I'd grow sweet/bell peppers! We love to eat them, but now that I know they're on the "Dirty Dozen" list, I want to buy them organic. However, it's hard to find them organic and reasonably priced, so I'd like to try my hand at growing them!

    109. Justine says:

      i just subscribed!

    110. Justine says:

      i just joined the FB group too!

    111. Stef says:

      I would grow tomatoes and peppers :)

    112. Ann says:

      I want to grow tomatoes and cantalope in it

    113. Ann says:

      I subscribe to your blog

    114. momgateway says:

      I subscribed to your blog. Now that I realize the Grow Box is amazing, I plan to grow kaffir lime and thai basil in it if I win one. Thanks for this fab giveaway!

    115. Anonymous says:

      I would love to grow tomatoes!

    116. Anonymous says:

      This thing looks so cool!!! Would love to try one even if I don't win! I would probably do tomatoes this year, but the possibilities are endless. :) Thanks, Diana!
      Tracey Fees (

    117. Jo says:

      I want to grow tomatoes in my grow box. I live in the city and have a tiny yard. This is just the ticket to expand my tiny urban garden!

    118. Leesie says:

      Great find and review, Diana! I would love to grow tomatoes since my garden was (as the whole northeast was)devastated by late blight.

      Good luck to everyone!

    119. Leesie says:

      I am already a fan on Facebook and shared the giveaway there!

    120. Leesie says:

      I subscribed to your blog using Google reader 😀

    121. Leesie says:

      I Stumbled this lovely giveaway – can't wait for spring to grow my 'maters! lol

    122. ChrisG says:

      Just fanned and shared on FB. Thanks!

    123. Leesie says:

      I tweeted the giveaway, too. @SeasLife

    124. Connie says:

      I'd grow CORN! We've tried for years but the only full sun we have is on our deck and none of the containers we've tried has worked.

      Cool idea!


    125. Connie says:

      Subscribed via email


    126. Connie says:

      Added the "I Grow My Own Food" badge to my blog


    127. Connie says:

      Added the "I Grow My Own Food" badge to my blog


    128. Connie says:

      Added the "I Grow My Own Food" badge to my blog


    129. Cristie says:

      I will add the Grow My Own Food badge, and I follo your blog. I have a square foot garden, but it isn't nearly big enough. I would love another spot just for a pizza garden!

    130. Michelle AP says:

      I am planting more than ever before so I can use the extra space. I think it might be fun to do beans in there.

    131. Michelle AP says:

      I follow on facebook and I shared.

    132. Michelle AP says:

      I get you posts via email.

    133. Michelle AP says:

      Follow on Twitter and tweeted.

    134. matt4melis says:

      subscribe to receive your posts via email

      matt4melis at hotmail dot com

    135. matt4melis says:

      follow you on twitter and tweet

      matt4melis at hotmail dot com

    136. Barb says:

      I subscribe by email

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