Naturally Pickled Asparagus and Spring Garlic

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Before leaving to Spain I made a trip to opening day of the Downtown Des Moines farmers market.  Although I knew my trip was only a few days away, I couldn’t resist!  Seeing so many of my market vendor friends again was a blessing!  They are already working so hard to provide us with nourishing food.  The market was filled with spring green veggies!  I was giddy with excitement to see spring garlic and asparagus at almost every market booth.  I purchased a bunch of asparagus from Grinnell Heritage Farm and green garlic from my friend Yang at Yang’s Organics.  As my  trip was approaching I realized I just wasn’t going to have the time to cook the asparagus and finish up my green garlic.  As my thoughts were geared on spoiling my chickens with some great produce, I realized I could ferment or pickle my asparagus.  I opened up some of my canning books and saw a couple of recipes that included tarragon.  I was so excited as I have a container of fresh tarragon growing right outside on my front patio.

So I made a lacto-ferment with what I had!  Asparagus, green garlic, tarragon, pepper and coriander seeds.


Before I left for Spain I put my mason jar downstairs and let it ferment for the two weeks that I was gone.  I was so excited to get back and open up the jar.  As I opened the jar, it started to bubble and sizzle.  My first taste was great!  Crunchy asparagus spears with a little bite!  A perfect side to my morning eggs!

Last week I purchased 2 more bunches of asparagus with great bulbs of spring garlic.  I’ll be fermenting two more jars today and will for sure make at least 2 more batches after that.  This is a great way to preserve your spring asparagus!

Naturally Pickled Asparagus with Green Garlic

  • 1 bunch asparagus, cut in half.  Remove little overlaying pieces on stalk as dirt can be trapped underneath these folds.
  • 2 long stalks of green garlic chopped
  • 3 freshly cut stems of tarragon (about 4″ tall)
  • 1/2 tbl black peppercorn
  • 1/2 tbl coriander seeds
  • 1 tbls sea salt
  • 4 tbls whey (If you do not have whey, feel free to add 1 tbls extra sea salt)
  • filtered water (must be filtered as chlorine will disrupt the fermentation process)
  1. In a quart sized mason jar, add the asparagus, spears down. 
  2. Add the tarragon in between the asparagus spears.
  3. Add the green garlic, peppercorn and coriander seeds.
  4. Add the filtered water, sea salt and whey.  Make sure you add enough water to cover and 1″ from the top of the jar.
  5. Cover and shake it up.
  6. Uncover and make sure all your spears are underneath the liquid.
  7. Allow to ferment in a dark cool place for 3 days up to two weeks (or more).

Buen Provecho!

29 Responses to "Naturally Pickled Asparagus and Spring Garlic"
  1. Sustainable Eats says:

    Awesome! I was going to make some pickled asparagus today but I'll do this with it instead. Thank you so much for the idea! I just wish my tarragon plant looked as good as yours – I'll be leaving that out…


  2. ChickDigTheDirt says:

    How long is this good for??

  3. Alexson says:

    YUM! I'm picking up my first CSA share tonight and I really hope it includes some asparagus so I can try this.

  4. Sweet and Savory says:

    Okay, this may be a stupid question…but does the asparagus spear end up tasting like a pickle? With that same crunch?

  5. girlichef says:

    Awesome recipe, Diana! I'm going crazy w/ the asparagus lately, this'll be a great way to put some up! Would I store it in the fridge after the two weeks?

  6. Diana Bauman says:

    Thanks for the comments! This tastes so great, my mami loves it!!

    This will last for quite a while in the fridge. Heather, yes, after the fermenting time, place in fridge. It will continue to ferment at a much slower pace but you'll find that after time, it tastes even better!!

    My fermented kimchi is going on 8 months and tastes AWESOME!!

    Ally, not a stupid question at all. Yes, the same crunch like a pickle. So funny, once my mother tried it she told me she liked it so much better than pickles. I think I'm going to try the same ingredients with cucumbers this year. I wasn't so crazy about my fermented cucumbers last year as they didn't taste much like the pickles we are used to.

    Also, just an fyi… After the two weeks the water will look cloudy. It's totally normal ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Please let me know if you try this and what you think :)

  7. Simply Life says:

    Oh I love how fresh this is!

  8. Cristie says:

    Very intresting. I love this idea, just never thought of doing it myself.

  9. maybelle's mom says:

    i am totally goin gto make this.

  10. Tasty Eats At Home says:

    I have missed out and haven't visited your blog in a while! This sounds really good!

  11. Anna says:

    Thanks for this post!
    I have just done the whole thing and realised I do not know if I should cover the jar for the fermentation or leave uncovered. This is my first time with fermenting vegetables.

    Please help!

  12. Diana Bauman says:

    Hi Anna! I Completely forgot to put that part in. Yes, cover it tightly for the entire fermentation period.

    I'm excited to hear how it goes!

  13. Anna says:

    Oh thank you so much!!!
    I will report back

  14. Christy says:

    This sounds so simple, I am somewhat afraid of fermenting. I need the tarragon to try.

  15. Erica says:

    This sounds delicious.Love asparagus.

  16. Velva says:

    This pickled asparagus looks amazing. Too bad, I cannot find fresh farmer market quality asparagus where I live. This post inspires me to can some other fresh fruit and veggies. Thanks.

  17. kate says:

    The asparagus at the Des Moines Farmers Market has been amazing.

  18. Chef E says:

    I had planned on doing this tomorrow to some okra I picked up!

    Looks yummy, I will try it with Asparagus if hubby will let me get away with it!

  19. Anonymous says:

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  20. Fuji Mama says:

    I cannot wait to try the lacto-fermentation process! YUM! I made some pickled garlic last month, but by packing the cloves in a miso mixture.

  21. Linn @ Swedish Home Cooking says:

    That is nice, making your own pickled aspaaragus and green garlic. Sounds like a perfect thing to make and then store in the fridge! Mmm.

  22. Anna says:

    Hey Diana!
    My asparagus is now ready, I was tasting it along the way and every time I loved the taste. Do I need to transfer it to the fridge after it is done fermenting?
    And I also want to make some cucumbers like that, I imagine they should be really nice
    Thank you again for this fantastic receipt!!!

  23. Diana Bauman says:

    Anna, I'm so glad to hear it went well!! I have been getting great feedback with this ferment ;D Yes, go ahead and transfer to fridge. It should be good there for awhile as it will continue to ferment but at a much slower pace. Have a great weekend!!

  24. Brie: Le Grand Fromage says:

    mmm, i love pickled foods. i had my first pickled okra of the year last week and now i can't get enough pickled foods. great recipe!

  25. Justine says:

    I found this recipe and I am so excited! I did not have most of the ingredients. I just had fresh asparagus, regulary garlic, mixed peppercorns, and sea salt. I am hoping they are delicious but we will see next week!

  26. Deb says:

    Ohhh, another reason I can’t WAIT for spring! I’ve gotta try some of THIS!!! :-))

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