Simple Lives Thursday 3rd Edition

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I’m excited for another edition of Simple Lives Thursday.  Below you’ll find the linky to add your post to.  Remember you can add your link on any of the four hosting blogs.
As a reminder:  If you are going to be linking to this blog hop, please add a link to this post at the end of your blog post entry.
Your Hosts
  1. A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa
  2. Sustainable Eats
  4. Culinary Bliss
Wherever you choose to post, it will show up on all 4 sites!  As a reminder, this blog hop is a way to share with many people your posts on what you are doing to live a simple life. Whether that’s gardening, raising urban chickens, homeschooling, sewing, making your own deodorant, or cleaning supplies… we want to know about it!  If you’re into homeopathy, ways to save $ by conserving energy or other ways to live frugally… we want to know about it!   If you bike, cook real food, homestead or farm… we want to know about it!
So let’s do this thing!

2 Responses to "Simple Lives Thursday 3rd Edition"
  1. Winnie says:

    Great video Diana!
    I love seeing your chicken set-up. I have 6 hens that are about 3 months old and I'm really excited for them to start laying in a few months! I'm not brave enough to raise my own broilers though.
    Your son is adorable and it's nice to "meet" your dogs, …one of mine wants to devour my chickens too ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I linked to a ceviche recipe that I posted last week on my blog. I was away and couldn't add it to last week's blog hop so I'm adding it now.

  2. the clark clan says:

    Hi Diana! My article today is sharing a Bittman recipe for sourdough that I was unable to effectively "traditionalize" and sharing the lessons learned! thanks for sharing your space with us on Simple Lives Thursday! Alex@amoderatelife

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