Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes

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I am so proud of these pancakes.  As crazy as it may seem, these pancakes were the result of a weeks worth of care and attention.  WHAT?!  I know, right?!  Sounds crazy, but yes… it’s true.  I finally dived into sourdough!  If you haven’t had a chance, I encourage you to check out GNOWFGLINS e-course on sourdough.  I am HOOKED!  Since moving into the world of traditional cooking of course one begins to hear about sourdough.

So what is sourdough?

A sourdough culture is a natural leaven (yeast) and lactobacillus bacteria living in a mixture of flour and water.  It’s inhabited by so-called “wild” yeasts and bacteria which leaven (rise) and give it it’s recognizable tangy and sour taste.  It’s the way our ancestors made bread.  From the time before Jesus Christ to today.  The beauty of a sourdough starter is that if fed flour and water on a continuous basis, the culture can last indefinitely allowing you to use it time and time again for many different recipes.

On July 13th, I started my first sourdough starter according to the video provided by the GNOWFGLINS e-course.  After feeding it twice, I was amazed by the rise of my starter.  It was alive and thriving filled with bubbles.  I was excited!  In order to feed a starter and encourage it to grow in strength you are to feed it twice a day for three weeks.  Once in the morning and once in the evening by throwing half of what is there away and then giving it a quarter cup of water and 3/8 cup of whole wheat flour.  After the second day, my starter kind of fizzled out!  I was so sad but did see a few bubbles so I did my routine of getting rid of half and feeding it a quarter cup of water and 3/8 cup of whole wheat flour.  After 12 hours had passed, still… no rise.  Just a few bubbles.  I hopped onto the GNOWFGLINS e-course forum (thank you Jesus for the forum!)  and asked away.  Wardeh responded soon to skip a feeding and if I saw some bubbles that it should be okay.  I ended up skipping an entire day of feeding and low and behold the next day it had risen!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you Jesus!

I was so excited I again hopped onto the forum and thanked everyone!   After that I realized that the culture was pretty strong and I continued to feed it twice a day until the 7th day.  Here is a picture of my starter after the 7th day.

It had risen to the top and after a couple of hours sort of slumped down, but it was ALIVE!
All right, so 7 days had passed, now what?!  Bless Wardeh and Erin’s soul because they had a video provided that was called, Now What?  I was laughing but so thrilled to watch it!  They suggested to continue this routine for 3 weeks in order to strengthen it, however, after the 7th day if we were feeling comfortable we could use it for a recipe and they had suggested to start with pancakes.  YUM!  That was for me!

I took off to find Erin’s Oh So Fluffy Sourdough Pancakes recipe on the GNOWFGLINS website.  The ingredients were very similar to what I use for my homemade pancakes.  Once I saw this, I went for it!

So that evening, I emptied the contents of my sourdough starter to a large bowl and added 1 cup of filtered water and one cup of whole wheat flour.  The next day it had definitely risen.

I knew I had to keep some of this culture to continue with my starter.  After saving about half a cup, I only had about a cup and a quarter left of starter to work with.  The recipe called for 2 cups.  I put my thinking cap on and thought, “well… I only use one cup of batter for my homemade pancakes recipe, so this surely should be enough for me and the boys.”  I was pleased that it was and ECSTATIC that they turned out so deliciously moist and fluffy :)  I can’t wait to see what the GNOWFGLINS e-course brings us next week!

Sourdough pancakes


  • 1 1/4 cups sourdough starter (fed the night before)
  • 2 tbls melted butter
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbls rapadura sugar (or honey)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tbls water
  • blueberries


  1. In a bowl, mix the starter, butter, egg, sweetener and vanilla extract.
  2. In a cast iron skillet over medium heat, melt a tsp or so of butter.
  3. In a small bowl, mix 1 tbls of water and 1 tsp of baking soda.
  4. Pour the baking soda mixture into the pancake batter and quickly stir to incorporate.
  5. Pour a ladle full of batter into the skillet and top with blueberries.
  6. When the pancake has begun to bubble and the edges start to dry, flip.
  7. Heat for an additional 2 – 3 minutes.
  8. Serve with fruit and warm real maple syrup.

My heart goes out to Wardeh and Erin for the tremendous amount of work they have done to provide us with this amazing e-course.  You can join in at any time and pay what you can.  What a blessing indeed!  Thank you Wardeh, Thank you Erin!

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16 Responses to "Sourdough Blueberry Pancakes"
  1. Belinda @zomppa says:

    It's A-L-I-V-E!! Those pancakes look amazing….

  2. says:

    My kids adore pancakes. I must try this! They look soooo delicious.

  3. jose manuel says:

    Me ha llamado la atención que uses un soudourgh para las tortitas, yo lo he usado para hacer pan. Te han quedado estupendas. saludos

  4. Jane @ Sweet Basil Kitchen says:

    Great illustrations on the recipe. I am ready to try the starter!

  5. Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal says:

    Wow, Diana, I love sourdough bread, but never thought of adding that in pancake :)

  6. Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS says:

    The pancakes turned out beautifully! I'm really happy for you and for the starter. Thanks for sharing about the eCourse with your readers. Have a lovely day, Diana!

  7. SweetsSuccessBaking says:

    Your success has given me hope. I've been looking into making a sour dough culture because my husband likes anything made that way.

  8. Josh Healy says:

    Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  9. girlichef says:

    Beautiful…and so exciting! They sound delicious. I can't imagine 1 c. of sourdough would go very far here…feed one kid maybe, LOL 😉

  10. Velva says:

    Now, these are some killer pancakes. I can see why you are proud of them. Cheers to your sourdough starter too.

  11. Abundance Yeah says:

    Like really like this blog. Following you from the blog hop.

  12. Joanne says:

    Hello Diane! I cannot tell you how much I love to read your stuff. I love your smile and your enthusiasm of life… as I do! Just the sourdough and the blueberry pancakes are so much of a blessing and you know who to thank and give praise to and that is Jesus!!! Glory!
    I also love the Lord and am excited in what He has done and continues to do in my life. I have a testimony that I would like to share with you someday but right now I will stick to the sourdough that I also want to start. Thanks for sharing this and the blueberry pancakes that I can make from the starter. God Bless you and your family. Joanne

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