Organic Gardening Update – November 12, 2010

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Being that my last gardening update was in August I wanted to catch up and post some of my photos from September into November.  It’s been a difficult gardening season.  We had so much rain, which brought so many insects and inevitably disease.

From my summer crops, I was only able to harvest one pepper and 2 eggplants.  I had so much hope for my tomatillos, unfortunately, they started to produce way too late and I was only able to harvest about a gallons worth.  Enough for some salsa but what can you do?

I was excited that I actually started my Fall crops on time and have been harvesting leaf lettuce, pak choi, romaine lettuce, radishes and carrots. My brussels sprouts are still going strong along with my swiss chard in a grow box at my house.

On the downside, I planted most of my Fall and Winter greens at my community garden where they shut off the water in late October.  We’ve had the BEST Fall weather a girl could ask for, however, no rain to water my crops.  Praise the Lord… it’s raining today.

Earlier in the season, I was reluctant to think that I would be harvesting many tomatoes.  But low and behold, although a late harvest, I have frozen gallons to carry my family through the winter.  Even the chickens had their fair share.

Although difficult, I did have a wonderful harvest and great friends who shared theirs.  My pantry is filled with home canned preserves and my freezers (yes, I had to buy another deep freeze) are stocked with frozen vegetables and local meats.  I’m ready… so ready to put my beds to sleep and spend some time snuggling my boys through this cold winter that awaits us.

For next year, I need to concentrate on amending my soils and focusing my efforts on compost made at home.  If you have any resources or tips that you’d like to send along, please do.  I’d be so grateful.

Until February my gardening friends… have a wonderful and blessed season of rest.


8 Responses to "Organic Gardening Update – November 12, 2010"
  1. Belinda @zomppa says:

    Wow!! Your fall harvest is stunning!!! Beautiful colors.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you considered vermiculture to make compost? I think your boys would enjoy feeding the worms, which can eat all kinds of things that your chickens might not, including coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, etc.

  3. Fresh Local and Best says:

    Vermiculture would be a great idea, only you should make sure to dig a bunch out before the frost so that they can repopulate next spring. I'm glad to hear that the autumn crop is making up for the anemic summer one. The tomatoes are gorgeous!

  4. Mexico in my kitchen says:

    Those tomatoes look amazing. Tomatoes are the best treat I enjoy from the summer.



  5. juliecache says:

    saw someone mentioned vermiculter. if you choose to do vermiculture, i suggest arpeggio farms in mingo. i don't know if they are still selling worms directly from the farm. we toured their place and bought a few years ago. it is fun for kids.

  6. Chow and Chatter says:

    love your gardening posts as I admire u so much thanks for your support on the clip, love ya

  7. david says:

    vermiculture is the way to go. Try it. Great post though.

  8. David says:

    Was talking the other day with an agric extension officer and he told me that vermiculture may be the best option.

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