Feed Your Soul Friday: Kitchen Dreamin

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I don’t know about you but dreaming about my future kitchen makes me happy.

I currently have a small kitchen and although content in where I’m at, a bigger space would be a dream.

I’m in my kitchen so much of the day that I consider it my workplace.  When I think of the perfect kitchen for me, I don’t think fancy but functional.


A place to can, preserve, knead dough, bake bread, butcher… work.

A kitchen of days past where I can bring in a hose and wash down my floors after culling a chicken for a Sunday mid-afternoon puchero.

A kitchen with a large enough pantry for my dried seasonings, herbs, flour, grains and legumes.

And, of course, the olive oil and wine.

Yes, a farmer’s kitchen is for me.


Source: google.com via Diana on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Diana on Pinterest


Source: google.com via Diana on Pinterest



Source: google.com via Diana on Pinterest


Source: google.com via Diana on Pinterest



Source: nskwood.net via Diana on Pinterest


Source: nskwood.net via Diana on Pinterest



One can dream, can’t they?


What is your dream kitchen?

What would you consider a necessity and please dream as big and as wide as the ocean!

I’m anxious to hear what you all have to share.

Have a beautiful and blessed Friday!

27 Responses to "Feed Your Soul Friday: Kitchen Dreamin"
  1. stacey lindsay says:

    I am always dreaming of a new kitchen I actually got to remodel mine about 5 years ago. It is quite large with lots of counter space and higher end appliances. I have 3 full sized ovens!! We even added a wine cellar in the garage that I can store all kinds of things in. As we search for our new home in Iowa, I am not finding anything on the market with a kitchen even remotely similar to what I have…looks like another remodel may be in my future. But at least in Iowa I can have a garden!!

  2. Kim says:

    absolutely drooling!!!

  3. Jennifer3 says:

    Oh, I am loving the look of that brick floor. I might have to add that to my list of what I want in my “someday kitchen.” I love having my gas stove, that would have to be there. But since I am there so often, and since it is the place kids and company always come, I want it to be big and comfy. A huge farm table with a bench on one side. And a couch for curling up on to read or talk or whatever. I haven’t figured that one out yet, but it has to be possible!

    • Chara says:

      I’ve seen tables in a corner and the seating on one side was a corner bench- padded with cushions- I bet that could be made into a fun comfy reading area too…

  4. Elisa Berry says:

    I loved all the pictures! I’m thinking lots of cast iron (I already have the basics), lots of counter space to make room for my beloved appliances yet still make it appear like things are neat (because of all the room!). I would love a wood burning stove. A HUGE pantry. That’s my biggest problem at the moment…the lack of a pantry! Nice big windows to let in plenty of light so I can see what I’m doing. :)

  5. Elisa Berry says:

    Oh and 1 more thing. Diana, I would love to see a picture of YOUR kitchen! :)

  6. I’m always dreaming of a new kitchen. Right now, my dream is pretty basic…more counter space! I’d also like an island in the middle with another sink…a large sink instead of one of those tiny ones they always put in islands. I’d like a huge gas stove with one electric burner for stock so I don’t have to worry about keeping gas on all night! A walk in pantry would be good. I love all of those pictures. Our kitchen would probably be a little more modern, though, as my husband hates rustic! How fun to dream!!!

  7. Sofya says:

    I don’t think you want to be killing chickens in your kitchen, let alone gutting and plucking – maybe butcher a cleaned, skinned deer, tops. I am not for extreme cleanliness by any means, but even I would be really worried about cross-contamination, with chickens and other poultry especially. This definitely belongs outdoors or in a garage-type space. Of all things on the farm, chicken poop/guts – more so at butchering than day-to-day – are pretty much the only things that I worry about with regard to catching a nasty bacteria poisoning.

    Otherwise I think my kitchen right now – not pretty by any means – is quite comfortable as the farm kitchen you describe and is the same size as the one in your first picture. I can’t think of any improvements except extra windows.

  8. I love the kitchen with the red stove! Isn’t it fun to dream about a new kitchen? Mine would be rustic looking, a huge island, lots of storage, and a gigantic pantry.

  9. wow, those are some great pictures :)

  10. Lori says:

    Here are two lovely references I’ve found that help immensely in kitchen planning (these are not for looks, but function): The Motion-Minded Kitchen, by Sam Clark (he also has a website) and Not-So-Big Solutions for Your Home, by Sarah Susanka. The latter is an interesting read, but there is a fantastic space-saving, pull-out pantry featured on one of the pages. Enjoy!

  11. I dream of a clean kitchen. One day, my dream may come true (but not today)!

  12. I would love a wall of cast iron pans. Dreamy. Have you checked out Houzz.com for dream kitchen “porn”. Pick a style you like and they have 1000’s to look at. It’s my Sunday morning coffee time. “)

  13. Shawna in Northern CA says:

    Ah, beautiful photos! On my dream list: lots of counter space, huge center island of butcher block, lots of open shelving and hooks…and, a root cellar UNDER the kitchen, with a convenient stairway down and a dumbwaiter coming up!

  14. JuratBernard says:

    dreaming of a summer kitchen made the old way of spain with the extremely thick cool walls, the outdoor brick oven and grill,the open wall to the outdoors, the fresh well water, the beads and curtains flapping from the mountain winds, the yayas and tias altogether cooking and gossiping – aaaahhhh to dream a little reality!

  15. Elizabeth says:

    My dream kitchen would have a countertop and sink that are about two inches higher than standard. I always seem to be bending over in the kitchen! I’m not that tall, 5’8″, but I have read that kitchen standards were fixed decades ago based on an average woman’s height that is much shorter, I think 5’4″.

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