Simple Lives Thursday, 51st Edition

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Thanks for stopping by and linking up your Simples Lives post to our weekly blog hop.

The Twitter Chat!

There’s a lot of great stuff in the works for our first twitter chat to commemorate one year of Simple Lives Thursday.  We hoped to have a day and time to announce today but we’re still figuring it out. Soon!

Our hashtag for the event will be #simplelives.

For those participating in the chat, we already have some great giveaways lined up and collaborators to make this event fun for everyone involved!  In the meantime make sure to follow the hosts of Simple Lives on Twitter to stay in the loop!

Alicia – @culinarybliss
Annette – @SustainableEat
Diana- @dianabauman
Mare – @marebeard
Wardeh – @WardehHarmon

After our Twitter Chat, the hosts of SLT will be dedicated to one giveaway a month to our featured posts bloggers! So link up and continue to inspire us for another year to come!

Featured Posts from Last Week’s Submissions

SLT Featured Post Badge

For our featured posts, please grab the badge above and display it on your site! Link it to one of the host blogs’ posts for that specific week that you were featured.


1. Homemade Fly Spray by Prairie Homestead.
Every homestead needs to try this out for natural fly control with livestock!


2. Making Ghee In A Crockpot by Yolks, Kefir and Gristle.
Ghee makes the perfect infusion to any summer vegetable and what a better way to make it during this hot season than in a crockpot.


3. Aquaponics by Lizard’s Hollow.
Aquaponics is something that can be done on a small scale in a backyard or a garage in repurposed 55 gallon drums. With wild seafood becoming unsustainable and farmed frankenfish in our future, we could be looking to backyard solutions to satisfy our fish cravings instead.


4. Barefoot is Better by Laurel Of Leaves.
Some people might pass off the current ‘barefooting’ craze as just another trendy thing to do, but there are actually good reasons why this blogger got rid of her expensive running shoes in favor of “shoes” called Vibram FiveFingers.


5. Unexpectedly Unplugged by Butter Believer.
This blogger’s embracing of traditional food practices coincided with ditching reliance on the power company, too!


The Simple Lives Thursday Blog Hop

It’s Simple Lives Thursday! My favorite day of the week where you share your tips and recipes for living a simple life. Whichever blog that you choose to link up your post, it will show up on all 5 sites! As a reminder, this blog hop is a way to share with many people your posts on what you are doing to live a simple life. Whether that’s gardening, raising urban chickens, homeschooling, sewing, making your own deodorant, or cleaning supplies… we want to know about it! If you’re into homeopathy, ways to save $ by conserving energy or other ways to live frugally… we want to know about it! If you bike, cook real food, homestead or farm… we want to know about it!

Your Hosts

  1. Annette from Sustainable Eats
  2. Wardeh from GNOWFGLINS
  3. Alicia from Culinary Bliss
  4. Mare from Just Making Noise
  5. Me!

Please read and follow the Simple Lives Thursday bloghop rules

1. If linking real, traditional and simple recipes, please make sure all ingredients used are whole. Such as whole grains, vegetables, legumes, meats, even sugar. In order to keep the integrity of “nourishing” food, we will delete any recipes that utilize processed, boxed foods. We are definitely not going to be ingredient policeman, however, please note that this is a hop hosted by advocates of the real, local and sustainable food movements.

2. Please link your posts back to one of the hosting blogs. This is a common blog hop courtesy. This link helps build the Simple Lives Thursday community by sending your readers to all of the other participants posts. We all end up sharing and learning from each other.


11 Responses to "Simple Lives Thursday, 51st Edition"
  1. Laurie says:

    Thanks for hosting, Diana. Today I linked up to a new series I’m starting on my site – Wednesday Weekly Weeder. Each week we’ll cover something “weed” related – identification, wildcrafting/uses (culinary, medicinal, companion plants aspects, habitat, etc.), tips and tools to get rid of them when they are problematic (as of yet, ragweed has no place in my garden – ugh!). I’ve also added a spot where readers can add their own weed-related posts.

  2. This week I wrote about getting rid of stuff. We are going throw everything and getting rid of all of the stuff that we don’t use. I write about some of my challenges with this.

  3. IAMSNWFLAKE says:

    As I browsed through the linked posts, I realized I’m in a potato mood today: tortilla, baked potatoes and the ensalada rusa posted a couple days ago will make it to this week’s menu.
    Thanks for hosting! … thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice badge for the featured post writers. :-)

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