Let’s Glee in Cake Stand Love

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It’s been a bit slow on the blog this week, however, at home, things couldn’t be the same.

With a couple of deadlines to meet,

school to teach, children to care for and a family to feed, the first part of my week was pretty hectic.

Life is starting to slow down, however, my sights are now on a wedding cake/pies I’m catering for a friends wedding in two weeks.

I absolutely adore putting together wedding cakes. Especially when there is a theme involved.

For this wedding, it’s actually centered around pies with a small two tiered cake.

It’s going to be a country-chic wedding with a rustic vintage feel.

Here is a photo I found as inspiration for the wedding cake/pie display.

Of course the backdrop and all the elements in this display will not be used.  What I adored are the use of cake stands which for my display will hold freshly baked pies and caramel apples.

For the pies, I’ll be working on apple, peach, red raspberry, pecan, and german chocolate.

For the cake itself I may place it on a stand like this.


Instead of cupcakes, it will hold pies in mason jars.  However, those might be mini cupcakes, so I’m not sure if that will actually fit.  Hmmm?

The cake will be simple, white, two tiered with flowers on top.

I’m not sure if I’ll use fondant.  Maybe something more messy… clean, but intentionally frosted with streaks.

On the table, I will have two cast iron skillets with cobblers.  Blackberry and Blueberry.

Have you seen this picture of a pie in a cast iron skillet from Amelia of Z Tasty Life?  Beautiful, isn’t it?

My quest is now in finding and making my own cake stands before the baking begins.

In my research I have found so many beautiful cake stands and great resources to make my own.

Let’s glee in cake stand love.

Source: apartment48.com via Diana on Pinterest


Source: oncewed.com via Diana on Pinterest


Source: kaboodle.com via Diana on Pinterest



For my own personal collection, I would love… love to place a Spanish almond torta on top of this,


And one day, one day, I’ll own a Clara French.

Aren’t weddings fun?

I have a lot of work ahead of me and I’ll definitely share pictures of what my final display looks like.

So, do you enjoy a beautiful cake stand?  Do you have any links you’d like to share of your favorite cake stand?

10 Responses to "Let’s Glee in Cake Stand Love"
  1. I love this Diana! You’re inspiration for the display is beautiful, and I’m sure that yours will only be more gorgeous than that. I wish that I could come and sample all of your pastries! :-) Please take pictures of your display at the wedding and share with us. I would love to see how it turns out!

  2. NicoleKJ says:

    I saw a photo on Pinterest with cake stands made with terra cotta pots turn upside down and glued onto the big base terra cotta plates. I think think they sprayed painted them. It was really cute and easy.

  3. Wow! what an amazing collection… and I am inspired to collect cake stands too now :) Thanks for including my skillet pie!

  4. Jane George says:

    After reading your blog this morning, I then read this one off my google reader, thought you might get a few ideas from this photo spread of a pie based wedding. The blog is called espresso and cream, in case you don’t want to use the link. http://www.espressoandcream.com/2011/09/wedding-reception.html

  5. Jessie says:

    Cake stands are very fun – but sadly take up so much room. I have one that I received as a wedding gift that is a beautiful antique China one. My mom has one that I hope to receive from her some day. It is a plain white milkglass one. It was HER grandmother’s wedding gift. So came from the late 1800s.

  6. You’re ideas are great. I love the white cake you chose for inspiration and the pie theme is so much fun. I know it will be beautiful. Make sure to take lots of photos to share with us after the big day is over.

  7. Thanks Diana, it was so much fun to see your inspiration for the rustic wedding, what a great theme. I’m a firm believer that everything looks better on a cake stand! Can’t wait to see your photos of the wedding.

  8. John says:

    I have seen some cake stands done in wrought iron. They had made like lilies coming up out of the water.

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