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A pantry staple in our household is homemade mayonnaise.


Homemade mayonnaise is easy and quick to make.  You can make it with 4 simple ingredients and feel great knowing exactly what’s in your Mayo.  Real Food.

In Spain, everyone makes their own homemade mayonnaise and typically use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as their base ingredient. I enjoy the deep and peppery flavor especially when mixed in Ensaladilla Rusa.

In the States, however, we’re used to a much milder mayonnaise specifically for sandwiches.

My husband was the first to ask me to make something more to his style so I came up with a homemade mayonnaise using a combination of grapeseed oil and extra virgin olive oil.

A mild mayonnaise with a hint of extra virgin olive oil.  It makes a perfect spread for sandwiches, deviled eggs, salads and as a base for many condiments.

How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise With 4 Simple Ingredients

1. In a measuring cup, combine both grapeseed and extra virgin olive oil.


2. To a blender add the egg and egg yolk.


3. To the blender add 2 tablespoons lemon juice.  This is essential as the acid binds the ingredients.


4.  To the blender add 1/2 teaspoon salt.  (You can also add 1 teaspoon of dijon mustard which I omit if I don’t have it)


5.  Blend the ingredients for a couple of seconds and then SLOWLY, drizzle the oil into the blender while blending.

That’s it.  Homemade Mayonnaise.

If you use it as is and store in the refrigerator it should keep for 3-4 days, however, if you ferment the mayonnaise for 6 hours, it will keep for 2 months in the refrigerator.

How to Ferment Homemade Mayonnaise to Keep for 2 Months


All you need to add to the mayonnaise to allow it to keep for 2 months is whey.


1. To collect whey, drain yogurt through a cheesecloth.  The liquid that drains is the the whey and filled with lactic acid which will preserve the mayonnaise.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of whey to your mayonnaise, mix thoroughly and allow to sit out at room temperature for 6 hours.

After 6 hours, place in the refrigerator and it should keep for 2 months.

Super easy, taste great, and, most importantly, it has no hidden ingredients.

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Have you ever made your own mayonnaise?  Tell me which oils are your favorite to use?

84 Responses to How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise With 4 Simple Ingredients

  1. GinnyV says:

    After running out of mayo AGAIN, I was looking for an easy recipe to use. My husband is a little wary of making homemade mayo, but this would save us so much money and be healthier. I’m excited to give this a try.
    GinnyV recently posted..Resolutions – Step Two – Make My Own Baked Goods

  2. Holly 'Demlow' Allen says:

    I use a blend of olive oil and coconut oil. We love homemade mayo!

    • Diana Bauman says:

      What an interesting combination. Does it leave a bit of coconut flavor in there? So curious!

      • Doina says:

        I do that too. I use the Tropical Traditions expeller-expressed coconut oil that doesn’t smell or taste like coconut because the regular one did taste like coconut and as much as I like the taste of it, we just didn’t like it in the mayo. I do 1/2 olive oil from Chaffin Family Orchards and 1/2 coconut oil. HTH!

        • Mireya Vance says:

          I LOVE Tropical Traditions and also use expeller-expressed coconut oil that doesn’t smell or taste like coconut! It’s the only one I know of (and the long-time owner of the health food store where I shop) that doesn’t taste like coconut, so you can use it in cooking. I have also used it on my skin and have had amazing results! I have gotten rid of four different yucky skin things where nothing else I tried would work. I also use it as a night cream…it’s really super great stuff! This, and Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil are my two favorite oils!!!

  3. This looks awesome! I love the pictures. I will be giving this a try in a few weeks when I get some new oil. Shared this on FB and pinned it! :-)
    Michelle @ Simplify, Live, Love recently posted..Weekly Menu / Freezer Cooking Plan 1/16

  4. Make it all the time. I use a stick blender to mix. Wrote a post on it a while back.

  5. Kristine Winniford says:

    I use Dijon mustard instead of lemon and then sunflower oil, sometimes I’ll use a sunflower/olive blend.

  6. Kathryn Benedict MacRoberts says:

    I do and really like the mandarin infused olive oil.

  7. I saw this on Pinterest this morning and “pinned” it! Beautiful artwork Diana and a recipe I am going to have to try!
    Ally’s Sweet & Savory Eats recently posted..DIY Sunday: Making Your Own Granola Bars

  8. Thanks girl! I may not be able to contribute to the foodie world but I sure do love learning from it!!

  9. Wow, I didn’t know that there was a fermenting process. That is very helpful and makes whipping up homemade mayo so much more worthwhile.
    Christine @ Fresh recently posted..Split Pea and Smoked Ham Soup

  10. Yummy Diana! My Chilean Grandma showed me how to make this at one point. :D
    Noelle (@singerinkitchen) recently posted..9 weeks and counting

  11. meemsnyc says:

    oooh, this looks amazing!
    meemsnyc recently posted..My Love… Trader Joe’s

  12. Found this via pinterest and will be repinning so I don’t lose it! This mayonnaise looks really good and yet simple enough that I can manage it. The photos are really great too.

  13. I make a similiar mayonnaise but use 2 egg yolks instead of the whole egg and olive oil, not extra virgin. I add the dijon mustard. I love the idea of adding whey to preserve it. We have goats and I make cheese so have lots of raw milk whey, that usually goes to the animals. I will try this.

    Pinning this, too.
    Joybilee Farm recently posted..Are natural dyes safe? Clearing up the confusion about chemical dyes and metal mordants

  14. Love your picture instructions! I made my own mayo a few months ago, but I think I used too much olive oil and the flavor was too strong for my husband and I :-P Ready to try again! It’s so simple!
    Lori @ Laurel of Leaves recently posted..Taking Your Dairy Beyond Organic

  15. LaLonnie Nelson says:

    I am a lil worried about the raw eggs…….

    • Diana Bauman says:

      Thanks for stopping by LaLonnie. I can understand your worry. One thing to remember is that Mayonnaise, real mayonnaise, has always been made with raw eggs. What’s important today is using local, farm fresh eggs. Mine come from my backyard and we eat them raw often. For a local source check out http://www.localharvest.org.

      • Carl Chase says:

        @ LaLonnie; We must remember that Raw Eggs, like Raw Milk, which come from our own yards, or a Local Organic Farm, are much more likely to be safe than we are led to believe by the results of the Factory Farm producers who raise their animals in very poor conditions.

    • Javin says:

      @LaLonnie – Don’t be afraid of raw eggs. Just don’t. I’ve literally eaten raw eggs my entire LIFE and never once gotten sick. The whole hype of Salmonella poisoning was just that. Hype. At the height of the “egg scare” one in 20,000 eggs were estimated to be contaminated with salmonella. This means that if you ate two raw eggs every day, odds are you MIGHT run into one contaminated egg in 27 years. Then what if you DO get lucky enough to hit that lottery? People who have eaten eggs contaminated with Salmonella “may experience abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, chills, fever and/or headache anywhere from six to 72 hours after being exposed.” More than likely, you’ll get a slight tummyache. Worse case scenario, you might think you have a 24 hour flu… Once in 27 years. End story: Don’t be afraid of raw eggs. Their benefits far, far, far outweigh the “dangers” that have been hyped by the media.

  16. Gwen Roach says:

    Thanks for posting this. We’ve been working on incorporating “Nourishing” foods into our diet and I’ve only tried to make mayo once, and have been thinking about trying it again. I’ll definitely try your recipe. I recently read Catherine Shanahan’s Food Rules which inspired me to try to remove the remnants of vegetable oils from our diet.
    Gwen Roach recently posted..How did this become my normal?

  17. Kyle E Higgins says:

    I just came across your recipe and can’t wait to try it – all of my past experiments were horrible, this one looks easy! Thanks!

  18. Brenda says:

    I have started making our own mayo and fermenting it, and am thrilled with the results. We are adjusting to the taste of all extra virgin olive oil, now we enjoy it, but I might try the coconut oil version to use in some things.

  19. Kitty Phinney says:

    This is great but I am wondering how coconut oil would work?

  20. What a pretty post! You do it similarly to the way we do… but we have a secret ingredient or two ;) We like to lacto-ferment ours, too. The main thing really is to GO SLOW with the oil!

    The best thing about this is it can become the base for all sorts of other good money-saving condiments like blue cheese or ranch dressing!

  21. No problem Kyle! Hope it turns out well for you :D

  22. My husband Mike makes mayo all the time! We love, love, love it! To spice things up he will make a curry/mayo dip for veggies.

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  25. Erin says:

    Found this recipe through Pinterest. Two of my family members have dietary restrictions, so I’ve gone “back to the beginning” and am attempting to make everything from scratch so I know what’s in it. Holy moly. This is DELICIOUS stuff. I could eat it by the spoonful! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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  28. Dee Ann says:

    Thank you so much for the tip about preserving the homemade mayo. I made it for the first time today, and wondered how I could make it last longer,… now to find some whey!
    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann recently posted..Weaknesses…

  29. Sophy says:

    I love it! I always put a little dill on it… give a sweet and different taste! The way to pour the olive oil in the yolk has to be very slow in order to make it smooth and with body.

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  31. Mary Gail says:

    My nephew’s wife has a mayonnaise store in Brooklynn and online. (Empire Mayonnaise) They sell all sorts of flavors of mayonnaise!!…at a pretty hefty price in my opinion- but makes me realize how many different ingredients can be used in mayonnaise! I have been a Miracle Whip girl but would love to make something yummy and healthy!

  32. Krista says:

    Any suggestions on how to ferment and make it non-dairy? I can’t do whey. I’ve been purchasing grapeseed mayo and love everything about it…but the price! It’s so expensive! I can’t wait to try this one, but I need it to last more than a few days. Do you know if it would freeze well? Thanks for such a great idea!
    Krista recently posted..Chocolate Pudding Cake With Coconut Cream (gluten-free)

    • Diana Bauman says:

      Hi Krista. You could use another acid medium. If you have any fermented vegetables… like pickles or kimchi, you can use that liquid since it has lactobacillus bacteria. As far as the grapeseed oil, if you have a Trader Joes, they do sell a good quality there for a good price :D I’m really not sure about freezing. I would honestly just make a small batch and test it. See how long it lasts you and improvise from there.

  33. Jay says:

    I’ve made mayo many times. I learned to make it in culinary school. We didn’t use any whole eggs, just egg yolks and it works fine. One egg yolk will hold about 1/2 to 1 cups of oil. I have made it with both canola and olive oils and it’s quite delicious either way. The whey is a good idea, but what yogurt did you use? Plain Greek? I think I’ll try it next time I decide to make some homemade mayo.

  34. Chris says:

    Same as my wife’s version. She keeps trying different combinations of oil. Great recipe. But since it does have 2 different oils, it should state 5 ingredients.

  35. Ron Flinders says:

    If you’re afraid of raw eggs, use the cooking method in preparing homemade mayo. I certainly plan on making my next batch using whey and fermenting. I always add a 1/2 tsp garlic powder and a tsp dry mustard.

  36. Sue-Anne says:

    I’ve tried making home made mayonnaise many times and somehow never get it right. I’ll try this version, using first cold pressed oils grape seed oil rather than refined.

  37. Sarah says:

    I recently found out my soy intolerance has included soybean oil in the bad list, and all the store brands are made (or possibly made) with it. This seems really easy, so will look to trying it. But I’m also lactose intolerant, so based on your suggestion, I think I’ll try some of the liquid from a jar of green olives. One we have specifically mentions lactic acid in the ingredients, and I’d think it would blend with the olive oil taste well.

  38. slywlf says:

    Looks wonderful, and easy. Just one question – is there any other option than whey to help it keep? I have a really nasty allergy to anything that started from a cows udder – milk, butter, cheese etc. Would sheep or goat yogurt work? I can handle those if I don’t over-do it.

  39. djes says:

    Don’t forget to never let the mayonnaise for hours directly on the sun, and not for days in fridge. There’s a risk of intoxication due to the eggs and Salmonellosis (no risk if eated fresh).

  40. Amy says:

    beautiful photos! i just made some with great results, the oil is a bit strong so it was good to read some of the options in the comments here. I am so happy to read about fermenting with whey, i always have a lot from making yogurt so that is even more motivating to keep making mayo! thanks for the inspiration!

  41. Marina says:

    What is the recipe for the Chilean mayonnaise? My fiancée served a mission in Chile and is always saying how much better the mayo was there.

  42. Amy D. says:

    I feel like this is a silly question, but…is it possible to pour the oil TOO slowly? Can mayo “break” in this case, too? I have never been successful when trying to make mayo and I always thought that I was pouring in the oil too fast until I tried it literally one drop at a time through a sport-top bottle and it STILL broke… :(

    I will try it this way, though – I was using a hand-held mixer before.

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  44. Renee Nelson says:

    You should make this printable.
    Or maybe it is but I can’t see it

  45. Špela says:

    This is a similar recipe that I use. I didn’t know you could use whey to make it last longer. Can’t wait to try it. I also like the flavor of mayonnaise with some chopped fresh herbs.

  46. 4HungryBunnies says:

    Making homemade mayonnaise has been a bit of a conundrum for me because we have been trying to match the taste of Real Hellmann’s but have been unsuccessful. We’ve tried just extra virgin olive oil and grapeseed and extra virgin olive oil combo, with and without lemon juice, etc. It seemed to turn out a bit better with the grapeseed oil although we weren’t using the amounts listed here, as I was winging it. But my concern is that I found out Grapeseed oil is very high in Omega 6′s which our body usually already gets plenty of and it’s not something you want an over abundance of because it encourages cancerous cell growth. I have already had cancer in the past and want to steer clear of anything that encourages it. We can’t use coconut oil in it because that upsets my gallbladder. We could try Palm shortening, but I don’t know how that would work. I suppose if we had grown up on mayonnaise only being made with olive oil, this would never be an issue. But I do want to get away from the soybean oil in Hellmann’s mayonnaise for sure.

  47. 4HungryBunnies says:

    Also, it has been our experience that Grapeseed oil causes gas. Not sure if that is a common occurrence. Ha!

  48. 4HungryBunnies says:

    Using 1/2c EVOO and 1/2c org Palm Shortening worked AWESOME! The such depth of flavor and very thick immediately! Of course I had to melt the shortening first, so one extra step. But this is our answer! It has such possibilities for “flavored” mayonnaise, if we wanted to go that route. Spicy mayo can be quite wonderful when you’re in the mood for that, like as part of Hormel natural ham and bellpepper wraps!! Yum!

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  51. oakdryad says:

    I cracked my problem with making my own mayo. I use a stick blender, and what I finally figured out is that it doesn’t work when the container was a lot bigger than the blender head — I put all the five ingredients in together (lime juice, dijon mustard, egg yolks, oil and then a pinch of salt) and when you do that, it WILL emulsify if (a) after putting all the ingredients in, you let them sit for about 30 seconds to let the oil and egg separate, (b) the container is just a tiny bit bigger than the blender, and (c) you put the blender all the way down and turn it on low until you see the emulsification start, then start tilting the blender to incorporate the rest of the oil. My favorite oils to use are macadamia nut or avocado. They make a rich, creamy and tasty mayo. Yesterday I made mayo with hazelnut oil, which was lovely in a curried chicken salad.

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  54. Megan says:

    This is great, thank you! My husband gave me a funny look when I said I had made mayonnaise; once he tasted it, he said, “Tastes like mayo.”

  55. […] It’s amazing! Also, have I ever mentioned that my family in Spain uses this to make their homemade mayonnaise? Another reason to get […]

  56. Marina says:

    Hi there. I’m so excited to find a mayo to replace the store bought junk. Do you think this recipe could replace the Real Mayonaise like the store bought, or is this homemade mayo just for sandwiches and few other stuff?

  57. teresa says:

    i have made it before but ‘pasteurized’ the egg in the microwave. however, after reading some of the posters/commenters here- i think the next time i make it, i’ll use my fresh egg without worry.
    plus, since i’m not good with raw lemons and such, i sub white vinegar for that but add some spicy mustard.
    love the lactic acid fermentation tip. thanks, will use it for my next batch of mayo.

  58. Suze says:

    I would like to know if you have used just Olive Oil and not Extra Virgin Olive Oil.? Every time I try the extra virgin it never works and has an unappealing smell to it, I am wondering what the difference is? I have not tried your combination, but I will this week.

  59. Rita says:

    I tried this and it is the best tasting mayo I have ever eaten!!!! I used 1/3 of each, evoo, walnut oil, veg oil, it was so good I could have used a straw and slurped it up! I will never buy store mayo again….besides they are now putting SUGAR in it…Thanks for your healthy food recipes.

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  61. Raymond Deaner says:

    just curious about the one ingredient. eggs. it says 1 egg and 1 yoke. do i strain the white from the 2nd egg. and just wondering why. Thanks for the tips. trying to do detox along with my chiro/phys therapy for getting into better health altogether.

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