Garden Update, 5-30-2012

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We really haven’t had a Spring this year.  It seems like we jumped from Winter to Summer.

As wonderful as the warm weather has been, it’s made Spring gardening much more difficult.

Spring is the busiest time of the year for gardeners.  There are plants to be started and sown.  Soil to be worked and clean up to be done.

With the high temperatures and high winds we’ve had lately, I’ve had to add watering to the long list of chores to be done.


However, It’s nearly June and almost all of my Spring and Summer crops are in the ground.  Just in time before my baby girl is due to arrive.

I’m really not sure what these gardens will look like in a month – for now, I’m pleased.

Big brother and little brother have been doing their fair share of work and are both enjoying the early harvest we’ve seen so far.

Especially the golden raspberries.


This year, my hubby expanded my gardens at home so that I don’t have to travel to so many plots around town.  It feels great to stay right at home where I can keep a better eye on how things are growing.

At the community garden my sister and I are sharing my plots which we have devoted to Shades of Green.  We’re growing peas, onions, radishes, and herbs.


Of course, we’re munching on these at home as well.

My hubby tilled up more of our front yard this year where I have planted all of my tomato, pepper, and eggplants.

In the front of my home underneath the front window, I’ll be trellising watermelon this year.


The carnival blend carrots are coming up beautifully on the side of my home.  I really think carrots are my favorite vegetable to grow.


It’s so much fun pulling them up with the kids.

Perennial herbs have made their appearance quite early this year – mint, chives, and lavendar.  This year I bought and planted lemon verbena on the side of my home.


It’s aromatic leaves smell of the sweetest splash of citrusy lemon. I can’t wait to use it in something 😉

In the backyard, my hubby built me a pallet fence for my garden.  I love it!


Unfortunately, I had a bunny that made itself home and helped himself to a lettuce/cabbage buffet.

There’s now chicken wire stapled behind the pallet fence and I’m thankful that he didn’t completely destroy my crops – just some damage.


There is red and green cabbage, a variety of loose leaf lettuce, heirloom spinach, kale, chard, broccoli, and cauliflower.


On the other side of the lateral fence there is sprouted green beans, cucumbers, marigolds, squash, and corn.  I’ve also lined the inside of the fence with different types of zinnias.

I can’t wait to see what this area looks like when it takes off later in the summer.

I still have a few more things and some successive sowing I want to get in the ground within the week.  Also, potted colorful annuals on my front porch.

One of the things I missed about this Spring was taking in the first blooms of the year.  They seemed to arrive in March and before I new it, they were gone.

We’ll see what next year brings.

How was your Spring this year?  How are your gardens taking shape?  Please share with us and any links to your blog as well.  I’d love to visit your garden :)

8 Responses to "Garden Update, 5-30-2012"
  1. I have a huge sugar ant problem. I’ve been using baby powder sprinkled over my garden but when it rains, they come back and are eating my poor spinach and lima bean plants. Any suggestions?

  2. Steph says:

    I love it-your gardens look beautiful!! You said it best, in Iowa we had no Spring this year, so it feels kind of off…My hubby expanded our garden this year as well to double last years size–we have various kales, rainbow & orange oriole chard, green & red cabbage, romanesco & calabrese broccoli, violetta & white cauliflower, brussels sprouts. Most of the “cole” crops are doing quite well, however the intense heat & dry weather wiped out a few of my broccoli & cauliflower plants–they were smaller & the heat just shriveled them up, despite mulching & watering:( We had peas planted, but the bunnies got to them:( so will have to try & replant this fall…We have bulls blood, early wonder & golden beets going; various colored carrots & green beens are getting big-can’t wait for fresh anything! I planted a variety of heirloom tomato, pepper & tomatillo plants in the garden & new raised beds. Tonight I will be planting some more tomatoes & peppers & zuchinni in raised beds that are supposed to be completed today :) This is my FAVORITE-when your barren, brown gardens are quickly filling up with green!! I have to say, I am jealous of your raspberries-YUMM!! I bet your kids spend alot of time by those plants :) We are hoping to plant some raspberries this year as well, just trying to find a good source that sells non GMO plants…:)Good luck with your gardens-they look gorgeous now!!

  3. Diana….what beautiful gardens you have. I’m impressed!! You’ve kept all that up in your condition. I was so morning sick with my third that my first garden harvest was neglected and went bad. so very tragic!! I never even got pictures. :(

  4. Paloma says:

    WOW! Your garden looks wonderful! That’s something I definitely miss about owning a home…. we’ve been living in an apartment for almost a year now (moved from Wisconsin to Texas) and I hope we can buy a home soon! I can’t wait to have my garden again! :) So…. did I understand right? a new baby girl is coming? I definitely need to go back and read more posts! How wonderful! Congratulations!!!

  5. Vicky Carlson says:

    What a nice garden! Those little rascal bunnies! Glad they didn’t finish it off and you got to it in time. :)I live in a rental house and have a very small patch of sun and space on the side of the house that I just grow a few container plants. I have basil, spearmint, jalapenos, spring onions, and maybe some oregano.. Someday I would love to have a garden like yours. :) Please let us know what you do with the lemon verbena. I have been wanting to grow some for my tea, and would love to know other ways of using it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Fawn says:

    Your garden looks great! Tell your husband he did an awesome job on that fence, wonderful idea (I pinned it on Pinterest).

  7. momgateway says:

    I’m just starting to grow my own organic garden too and I’ve had some success with salad greens. Luckily, rabbits have not yet discovered our garden. Looks like your garden will give you a bountiful harvest!

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