Cool Off With an Horchata – A Mexican Rice Drink.

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One of my favorite summer time drinks is a Mexican horchata.  An icy cold rice drink with a splash of vanilla and cinnamon. This is my drink of choice at Mexican taquerias, Latino festivals, and when visiting Mexican shopping districts in L.A. It’s interesting that horchata is originally from Valencia in Spain.  Throughout Spain they […]

Grilled Mediterranean Sandwich with Mashed Avocado

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Has this been one hot summer or what?  Although it’s been pretty sticky around here, the extreme temperatures have been kind to my hot summer vegetables. My eggplants, zuchinni, pepper, and tomato plants are thriving and the best part is being able to use them in quick summer meals. We’ve been able to eat a […]

Simple Lives Thursday, #105

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We have noticed that quite a few blogs are not linking back to one of the Simple Lives Thursday host blogs (see guideline #2, below). If this is you, please realize that this prevents us from choosing you as a featured blog. Thank you for linking back to us! It’s Simple Lives Thursday! My favorite […]