A Handmade Christmas: Miranda and Pocket’s Fiber Friends

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In celebrating Christmas intentionally, this year I’ve been making an effort to make and buy handmade gifts.

Gifts made by hand are more meaningful and thoughtful. Even if you can’t make the gifts yourself, when you buy something handmade, you are supporting an artist and getting a one of a kind gift that can’t be replicated.

Now that’s an intentional gift bought with love.

One of my favorite websites to purchase handmade gifts or find inspiration to make my own is etsy.  I get blown away by the creativity in the beautiful hand crafted products there.

I’m blessed to know many artists who sell their crafted work on etsy. One of my them being my friend and contributor, Miranda Rommel from Pocket Pause.

She’s an all around creative.  My kind of gal!

She homesteads, is a published children’s book illustrator, has a line of homemade soaps, and most recently, hand makes little Fiber Friends.


She started by creating a fiber animal of her pet Corgi, Pocket.  It was so darling that she now offers a line of fiber friends at her etsy store, Fiber Friends.

You can order a custom fiber friend of your pet,

tree ornaments,


and a variety of other pre-made or custom fiber friends.  Really, if you can dream of it, Miranda can make it!

Baby Girl’s Handmade Mobile

I was so excited to receive this special gift from Miranda.


This is a decorative handmade mobile not meant to be played with by baby.  The pieces could be a choking hazzard!

I hung mine up above her dresser where it looks adorable and is out of her reach.


Baby girl loves to watch it spin while I recite the nursery rhyme, The Cow Jumped Over the Moon.


Aren’t the udders absolutely adorable!  It’s all in the details, I tell ya.


Happy fiber moon.

Even the packaging and sweet note from Miranda made this gift feel warm and made with love.


I’m gushing over this because she’s my friend and an amazing artist that I’m more than happy to support.

I’d encourage you to visit her etsy store, Fiber Friends, and talk to her.  She can custom make you just about anything!


I think this year, A Fiber Friend would be a special and intentional gift for a loved one!

But hurry, she did let me know that she’s just about to her limit for getting Christmas presents in on time!

By the way, she makes chickens to!  Hurry and visit her shop today!

Do you have an etsy store selling handmade products?  If so, please leave your etsy address and description of product in the comments below.  Later this week I’m planning on writing a special handmade Holiday post with links to Spain in Iowa readers etsy stores :)

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