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  1. Marilyn Payan says:

    Hi Diana,

    I have been enjoying following your blog for quite a while but I never seem to have much time for replying just browsing. Love it and really enjoy your take on spanish food.My family is from and in Galicia in the North.
    THis is totally off topic from your blog but I just found out that there was a 5.3 earthquake outside of Lorca which is in the South. You and your family came to mind and since it isn’t readily known in the news I thought I’d let you know.

    Mucho cariño.
    I hope everyone is okay.

    (homeschooling mom of 3, suburban farmer, chicken mistress, lover of nourishing food)

    • Diana Bauman says:

      Thanks for the comment Marilyn. I appreciate it. I had no idea about the earthquake. I’m going to look into right now! Thank you so much for letting me know.

      Galicia, that is wonderful! Do you speak Spanish? I’m looking forward to getting to know you :D


  2. Gutierrez says:

    Hello Diana,

    I´ve just discovered your website and I have to say that it´s great.

    I am from Madrid, but I was teaching Spanish in Iowa (Clarinda) for three years and hopefully I will be there next year.

    Anyway, I would like to share (if there is not any inconvenience) your website with other Spaniards that are currently teaching there as your recipes could be a very useful resource for the classroom.


  3. Kami McBride says:

    HI Diana,
    I love your blog and recipes, thenk you!

    . I am a tradional foods writer and I have a new book out called The Herbal Kitchen
    that i think you would love.
    My publisher is doing a giveaway of The Herbal Kitchen and and i think your followers would enjoy it.

    Let me know if i can send you the information
    Best wishes,
    Kami McBride

  4. Monica says:


    Thank you for contacting me on my blog. So sorry to take so long to respond. (Not sure how I missed your comment, but I just found it today!) I love, love, love your blog and find it very inspiring. My father is from Extremadura and my mother’s family is from San Luis Potosi. So I have a very similar background – except reversed!

    Gracias for reaching out and wishing you the absolute best this coming year!

    Un abrazo,


  5. amanda says:


    Love your site.. I was wondering if you had any recipe for chuleta frita..

    • Diana Bauman says:

      Thanks for stopping by Amanda! Although I don’t have a recipe on the blog I do make chuletas frita very often. Pork chops, seasoned with salt and pepper and sauteed in a bit of olive oil. About a tablespoon.. no more, so that it gets nice and browned, yet juicy on both sides. I usually serve this with a fried egg and fried french fries made in the same skillet as the pork chop. They get some of those yummy chuleta flavors! Okay.. I’ll definitely post on this soon!! Thanks again!

  6. mary says:

    i got a catalog that said they were a seeds of spain when the organic an herloom seeds that is gmo free, too, and it was in or from spain and it did not look like this format, and i was wondering if this was the website that was with that catalog, if not do you know about the seeds of change in iowa, and if so, did you change your format and what you are selling, or doing, please get back to us so that we know if we are barking up the wrong tree or not.

  7. Dale Faulken says:


    Estuve en Salamanca hace poco y he encontrado un plato de cerdo, “tostón” – muy, muy rica. (Receta abajo)


    (En la provincia de Salamanca, tan ligada a los productos del cerdo, no podía faltar la receta del “tostón”, plato típico y sabroso donde los haya.


    Un gurriato de unos 5 kg. y que no llegue al mes de edad, preferiblemente alimentado únicamente con leche materna

    Aceite (o manteca de cerdo)

    Vino blanco


    Machado de ajo




    En una bandeja de horno se le añade aceite o manteca se le añade una mezcla de orégano, ajo y vino blanco. Coges el tostón salado por el interior boca abajo. Horno a 160 º aprox. Una hora u hora y media. Depende del tipo de horno y del tamaño del tostón. Al final aumentar la temperatura a unos 200 º para que la piel quede crujiente (y la piel también se come, lógicamente, pues resulta muy sabrosa).

    El tostón no debe tocar la parte de abajo de la bandeja y lo que echamos en la bandeja es para que no se seque. Cuando se hornee hay que mirarlo constantemente (no vamos a dejarlo quemar, claro está).

    Suele llevar como guarnición lechuga o bien con patata panadera.

  8. Esperanza says:

    Hola Diana,

    Just found your blog. Very interesting. Like your mother, I am from Sevilla. I live in Iowa and I am a professor in Iowa City. It’s very nice to see how you stay close to your roots, and what a better way than with food!

  9. Joan says:

    Hi Diana, I started my love of Spanish food when I vacationed in Barcelona and San Sebastian last year. I came back to Italy (my home for now)with a suitcase full of chorizo. I just made the garbanzo bean and chorizo recipe and it was delicious. You are one of my favorite blogs!

  10. Hi, Diana!
    I would be honored to write a little something down the road a piece.
    Right now I am in Montana visiting the newest addition to our family, our 12 day old grandson, Matthew. I will be back in Michigan next Wednesday, but will be working on making our single wide rental more like home sweet home. I can tell you this: Once i began getting my own “stuff” in there, and setting up house, the grief became a bit easier to bear.
    Feel free to e-mail me, and we can talk at a later date.

    In Christ alone,

  11. Gwen Brass says:

    Love your blog! Would you mind putting one of those buttons up on the side whereby I can subscribe via email, so that I get emails notices whenever you post a new blog. I have never been able to figure out how to sub via the rss feed and such. Thanks. :)
    Gwen Brass recently posted..Any Way You Slice It

    • Diana Bauman says:

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment Gwen. If you click on the email icon underneath the description about myself, you can sign up via email. I should a signup a little more noticeable. Thanks again :)

  12. Jenny says:

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the fear I had since my daughter was do to have a baby after a miscarriage and a stillbirth. You responded and it was just at the right time. I thougth of that email constantly when fear took over. This is to let you know my daughter had her baby, a girl named Tinley Grace. Baby and mother are healthy and Tinley was born quickly and with no problems. She is perfect as only God can do. I used God during the birth as I felt fear almost overwhelm me. We wanted this baby so badly but God in his grace came thru. The peace, the quickness of the birth and the lack of ANY problems put this whole birth in God’s awesome arms. Thanks again for your caring and prayer.

  13. I stumbled across your blog while I was looking for information on rendering lard. IN 2007 I had the opportunity to live in Granada, Spain and study at the Universidad de Granada for a semester and I absolutely fell in love! Although I am very happy to be home in Iowa with my family there is a part of my heart that will always be in Spain! Your recipes really take me back to the meals that my Spanish family cooked for me while I was there, thank you so much.

  14. Joan Doria says:

    Dear Diana,

    I discovered your blog not long ago when I searched for tip on how to render lard. Since then I have stopped by to check in and see what’s new because I liked what I saw. It’s hard to put into words but your words, life, thoughts, care, way of being have touched me deeply. Your family, faith, humor, perception, honesty and creativity are wonderful. I marvel at your efforts and accomplishments, the beautiful way you get so many things (Grace of God and the power The Great Mystery gave you!)done while homeschooling, being pregnant and caring for your family. Do you know the poem Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou? You fit the bill, sister.

    You are in my thoughts as you again enter the time of birthing. It is a profound and beautiful time as you well know. I’m so happy for you!


  15. Joan Doria says:

    One more thing: I thought I’d have a moment to edit before sending but not so. So my msg was sent before I could check the poem out and make sure I attributed correctly. It’s been years since I had read it. I should have, for while still wonderful, it has positive images, good in their own right, but not quite what I was trying to say. Basically I send you the poem’s title because that makes lots of sense and as for the content you can take what you like and leave the rest, as they say.

    Next time I research first!

  16. Theresa Brennan says:

    Is there a way to subscribe by email?

    • Diana Bauman says:

      Hi Theresa! Right underneath my image on the top right hand column is an envelope icon. Click on that. I’ll have to make it more apparent. Thanks Theresa!!

  17. Lisa says:

    Hi Diana,
    I love your blog. I would like to use your weekly menu planner and be a little more organized in the kitchen. I’m having a small problem when trying to type my menu items in the fields. I’m not able to hit return and continue typing to fill up the field. The cursor starts in the middle of the field and only types on that middle line. Therefor, only the first few letters of what I’m typing show up. It works just fine, though, when typing in the overnight prep fields. I tried fixing it on my own, but am having no luck. Can you please help with this issue?

    Thanks so much!

  18. Jim says:

    Tried twice to click on arrows pointing to newwletter but without taking my email it said to chetck my email from the ste. I did it on an early iPad but don’t imagine that is the problem.


  19. Jim says:

    Just saw the above comment and successfully subscribed from that link.


    • Diana Bauman says:

      Thanks Jim! I’ll be changing some things up on the blog soon to make it much easier to subscribe and follow! Thanks for subscribing. I’ll have a newsletter out in a week.

  20. Jacque Polaco says:

    Hi, My Husband and I are missionaries here in Praia, Cape verde, Africa and there are no corn tortilla’s here, no pickling spice or lyme so my question is will adding pickle juice to a white corn flour they sell here help in any way in my quest to make corn tortilla’s? they also have a very nice hominy kernel they sell at the market and am thinking of trying that as per your instructions for nixtamal, been experimenting and have come out with some decent versions any advice would be helpful Thx! Jacque.

  21. Hi Diana!
    I’d like to send you my sauce and
    see what you think. It was created first
    for woody Harrelsons’ “The Messenger” premiere
    party and is a vegan Spanish sauce.
    It is my “one and done” sauce. I will be
    making more but this is my base sauce
    that I am soon to promote at markets and restaurants.
    So far friends in Mill Valley and San Rafael along
    with my current hometown of Brentwood (Nor Cal) and
    San Francisco are trying it on meat, fish and poultry
    along with sandwiches and salads.
    I really value your opinion!

    All my best,

    Jay Valencia


  22. sarah moore says:

    Hi. I have enjoyed your blog for quite a while,both the ideas and also the personality that shines through. I recently started an urban farming blog and would like to include it in simple lives thursdays. i feel like I am not linking back to your blog as I am supposed to – what is involved? Is it as simple as downloading the Simple Lives icon and pasting it into my entry? Or is more needed? I love and want to share what you do!


    • Diana Bauman says:

      Thanks so much Sarah. To link up with Simple Lives Thursday, all you need to do is create a link at the bottom of your post to the weeks Simple Lives Thursday you are linking to.


      This post is a part of Simple Lives Thursday. Link that to the Simple Lives Thursday post on my blog. So if we’re on #111, link it to that post on my blog.

      Does that make sense? If not, let me know and I’ll try to explain it a bit better.

      Thanks again Sarah. I’m looking forward to reading the posts you link up!

  23. paul says:

    i see a jar of hot peppers trying to see how you did them but i cant find the page please help me

    thank you paul

  24. Pat Lufkin Jensvold says:

    I was browsing and found your receipes for coffee creamers. What a gret idea to give for Christmas gifts. I explored more and found you are in IOWA. I spent the first fifty years of my life there. Born in Waterloo and at the age of 3 moved to a little area in the North West area. I loved my gardening and oh the fun my friend and I had on the day we cleaned enough chickens for both families to enjoy for a year. We left Iowa to move to AZ in 1985 and join family members in Arizona. Your comments brougt back so many wonderful memories. THanks

  25. Diane says:

    I saw on your blog that you buy your honey in bulk every year in Iowa. Where do you get it from? I am also in Iowa and looking for a large amount of raw honey for my family. Thanks!


  26. Sarah Acosta says:

    Hi, Diana! I just came across your blog via another ( At the first sight of your title I knew I had to see more. Although I was born/raised in St. Louis, my mom and her whole extended family were Iowa farmers so I’ve spent quite a bit of time there. We used to vacation at Lake Okoboji every summer, and I was supposed to go to university in Iowa City (I didn’t end up getting to – long story). I love Iowa so much that my motto has always been “All good things come from Iowa” (I joke that even God is from Iowa :)) Anyway, I studied in Madrid one summer which made me a lover forever of Spain. I am a former Spanish teacher and married a Mexican. Between the Iowa/Spain connection and the nourishing food prep (via WAPF), you can see why I felt instantly bonded to you. Como hermanas de alma, no? (not to mention both of our deep loves of Jesus)

    Just wanted to write and say Hola and I can’t wait to get to know you better. You must be super awesome. And next time you go to Spain let me know and I’ll come with you so we can sit at the cafes and enjoy the Spanish air together. ;)

    Un abrazo fuerte,

  27. almas nathoo says:

    I enjoy your simple life style news and hope you will keep sending, I going to make syrup for flu from your recipe. It grow in my backyard and when I try to to taste it is not sweet.
    Please where are you located in usa and do you get fresh olives in usa.?
    Thanks and happy weekend.

  28. frances says:

    I am sorry to contact you this way. However I couldn’t find any other way to get to you. I purchased a subscription to your traditional menu plan and paid thru paypal. I haven’t recived an email to tell me how to log in yet.
    Thanks — Frances (Marie) Evans

  29. frances says:

    Thanks, Diana. I did find it in spam. However, my link has now expired. Would you mind sending me a new link?

    Have a great weekend.


  30. Annie Ferrer says:

    Hi Diana!
    I’ve been following your page for a while and I’m really interested in subscribing to your Menu Plan program. However, it is not the right time: we will start moving to a different home next week and in March-April I will be in Spain with my mom who is having surgery. So I was hoping to subscribe when I come back but I have a question. It says in the subscribing page “you’ll have full access to all archived meal plans” So I’m wondering if this means to all archived plans created while I am subscribed, or even the ones before? I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t want to miss on anything! :) Thank you in advance for your response!

  31. Amy says:

    Hello Diana! :)

    I tried making one of your recipes tonight from your month of menuplans. I purchased the ebook bundle! :) I was wondering for the garbonzo beans, are you supposed to drain the tomatoes or put them in with their juices? :D

  32. Karen says:

    I recently subscribed to your bi-weekly menu plan access and have not received and email with instructions.

    I am looking forward to trying some more of your meal plans. I got the Month of Menu Plans through a ebook bundle and we have enjoyed every recipe (even the one my husband thought “looked interesting”).
    If I could just get my toddler to eat them we’d be good to go!


  33. Kristin says:

    Hi Diana – I love your site. I just saw that there have been some changes to the Simple Lives Thursday blog hop and I wasn’t sure if you were looking for a few more hosts. I recently started a blog and have been considering hosting a blog hop. Let me know your thoughts. Warmest Regards.

  34. Cindy Jackson says:

    I love your website and have made the cherry almond granola bars and the oatmeal bars and both recipes are perfect. I wondered if you have good granola recipe or if you just make the almond cherry bars recipe but make it as loose granola? Blessings! Cindy

  35. paula steele says:

    Hi Diana,
    Bless you I was delighted to read that you are a believer in our Lord Jesus Christ as well as a wonderful cook!
    Praise God and thank you,

  36. radians says:

    Dear Diana,

    I had subscribed to your blog some time ago, cut couldn’t read anything since lack of time. And today I just signed into my inbox to see an email from your blog which i read. I apologize and sympathize with you for the depression moments, as human beings we all have those. Similarly, for the very first time I felt that you’re a nice woman with religious convictions, reading the short bit about you which you’ve put up. Therefore I wanted to write a message to you about this. Diana, if you believe that there actually is a higher being who has created, and, who mantains this immensely complex web of creation…then it is worthwhile for us to look for and find out who or what that higher being really is, and since we are a part of its creation, i’d say a very special part since even science humbly accepts that there is nothing more complex than the human brain in the known universe, it is equally worthwhile to search out for the answer for why were we created in the first place. I see you are a christian, and I am a muslim. Orthodox and scholarly Christianity holds that whosoever is a christian(meaning the one who believes in the godhood of Jesus) will be saved and all others will not be. In the same way to outline what we believe as muslims is that Islam is a continuation of previous revealed religions and we hold that Jesus Christ was the Messenger of God and that God is absolutely one, without a co-sharer in any of its attributes. He begets none and nor is he begotten by any. And finally another Messenger and Prophet of God named Mohammed appeared almost 600 years after the time of Jesus Christ, and he was the seal of Prophet hood after whom there will be no Prophets from God. His message is universal and is valid for all times and all people after him till the last day. Islam confirms that your religion was valid at the time of Jesus(peace be upon him) and that Jesus never preached that he is God, rather he said the same thing as all other prophets of God ever did…that I am a messenger of God, so follow me if you want to serve your creator. But later on the myth of the godhood of jesus appeared and Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) appeared to rectify it. And last but not least, we as muslims believe, much like you as Christians may believe about your religion, that God has put human beings in this life as a test, where we experience it existentially as a set of choices, and will be held accountable on the day of judgment for what ever we’ll consciously choose in this life for ourselves. as a consequence, we believe that anyone who is presented with the message of Islam, and has the full intellectual and physical capacity to accept it(meaning that they are not mentally impaired, or are children etc) and who willfully and consciously reject Islam afterwards will not be saved. It was the same, we believe, for all prophets…whenever another prophet would appear all those who would not accept him as a Prophet from God were deemed unbelievers even if they had believed in the previous Prophets of God, for example jews when Jesus(peace be upon him) came with his message.

    Now clearly, both the religion called “Christianity” today and Islam(which we believe was the religion of all prophets of God) can not be true at this point in time(and all religions around us today for that matter…because they contradict each other and therefore are different religions for the very same reason, otherwise they would have been the same if there was no disagreement), ie, jesus(peace be upon him) Jesus can not be both God and not God at the same time, as a simple application of the principle of non-contradiction in logic. And therefore, I invite you as a brother in humanity to read up about the Message of Islam and the character of Prophet Mohammed(peace be upon him) to see if you have an agreement. We are given this life once, so we must make important choices of this sort very carefully because our infinitely long life after death and our final and eternal fate rests upon what we choose here and now. So please dont just reject this message as a mere conversion attempt, rather think more of it as some food for thought and an invitation(put forward because of the author’s genuine conviction that you are a humble person who will not be a bad experience to talk to) to investigate some of the deepest and most important questions in life that we as human beings can existentially ask to ourselves. Who are we, who created us, why are we here and what will be our fate. If you feel interested and want to find out more, please get in touch and i will try my best to direct you to the most authentic and scholarly resources about Islam(which means it definitely wont be wikipedia=)) I wish you all the best in your journey, and I pray that you may one day find out the truth for yourself and see it for what it is.

    Warm Regards,
    Mohammed M.

  37. Chasity says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your testimony, without even expecting it to be what it was, God used it to give me a peace that I can’t explain…my husband and I are in such a familiar place..he is working I am home teaching 5 little ones, I hear all the time about how we need to change so many things in life…my husband has 1 year left of Bible Institute, and then 2-4 years of Web Development Courses…my family is busy, my life is chaos most of the time …but full of joy, peace and comfort…those weary times, those times God allows…those struggles…I break, most of the time I just do…but it completely draws me to my Lord, and even though in my weakness I make so many mistakes, the greatest comfort is that He never gives up on me…on us, on our family..and that which we know we have been called to do. My husband working everyday, and we are just barely getting by, but God always provides, even when we have to make the decision to get help with our food.
    Then you k now there are always people saying how could you spend so much money on organics? Your taking away from your family and their needs! My words are never enough, I can’t get them to understand that what they are saying is the absolute opposite…how can I afford NOT to buy the food I do for my family. Yes in some “perfect” we are in the country, raising animals for food and growing our garden, raising our chickens for our eggs all of that…but that isn’t the perfect situation…because just like you mentioned, the perfect situation is this…all that we have, because what we have is what God has chosen to give us, and how can we ever doubt that this trail and this struggle isn’t for His greater purpose? How can we ever doubt that God will bless us according to His Will…because His word tells us…Nothing is impossible with God…ask and ye shall receive…If we ask Him for His complete Will….then what more can we say, but it is well…
    Thanks for sharing!
    Chasity, Wife
    Homeschooling mother of 5, Child of God,
    friend, sister, daughter… <3

  38. Kim Bebee says:

    I ordered the nourishing cookies ebook. How do I get it?

  39. Claudia Campa says:

    Hi Diana.
    I ordered your The Nourishing Cookies ebook, I did not get a link for download yet?
    Thank You

  40. Heather Richins says:

    I also ordered the Nourishing Cookies ebook, and have not recieved a download link. I have checked my spam folder and it is not there either.

  41. Sandra says:

    I’ve just signed up for your newsletter and am so looking forward to hearing more from you! When my “activation” code was entered, somehow my browser failed and I was not able to download the ebook that came with that. Going back and doing it again, failed. So, could you possible send me another link that I could use to download? Thanks so much for your “God loving” site. I know I will be blessed, as well any others who read your testimony. God Bless you and your family. Sandra

  42. Virginia S. says:

    What kind of flours do you use in the recipes in your new ebook on Holiday Cookies? I can only use almond flour and coconut flours, so don’t want to buy the book if not useable by me. Thanks!

  43. Carol says:

    Diana, I am going to a CrockPot Cook Off on Saturday..Came to your site and found Pork Chops Slow Cooker.So I found Slow Cooked Cider Pork Chops with Pumpkin and Apples. Shopped today for what I needed to make this. The Store does not sell pumpkin anymore. Could I use Sweet potatoes or Butternut Squash instead of the Pumpkin..? Carol

    • Diana Bauman says:

      You definitely can use the Butternut Squash or Sweet Potatoes, but it will be much sweeter (though good). I would suggest substituting for delicata or even an acorn squash. Really, any other variety of a milder winter squash.

  44. Chyrl says:

    I love your blog and the wonderful recipes that you share. I am planning to make the Pumpkin Chai Spice Mantecados with Roasted Hazelnuts. And I am wondering about the measurements. Are those weight, fluid??? Can you clarify for me please. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!

  45. Maria says:

    Hello! I’m new to your blog but I’m already hooked! Could you post the recipe for the chocolate and peanut butter granola bars you mention in the cherry and dark chocolate granola post ? Thanks!!

  46. Jean says:

    Hi Diana:
    I loved your 25 Day Grace Filled Journey to Real Food. I found you live in Des Moines, as I do. I also get to the DM farmers market EARLY to bet the crowd. I think that I saw the market pictures and discovered you live in DM. Do you know if Azure Standard has a drop off point in the DM area? You can email me if. Thank You, Jean

  47. claire says:

    I live in Uk and its quite difficult to get good pasture feed meat etc locally even though im surrounded by farms!!! im loving the 25 days food challenge and have learned so much already. and as a mum to a teen and a toddler im desperate to give them the very best I can. its not cheap so budgeting is very important to us but we do grow a little in pots and containers and im more careful about sourcing good food than ever before.ive always cooked everything from scratch and have every kitchen gadget going I think so im super excited about trying more of your recipes.we made the sloppy joes at the weekend and my family totally loved them,so thankyou so much for that.I am so glad i found your site, and thankyou for giving your time to educate others with your wonderful knowledge. God bless and keep up the good work. x

  48. Gilda Cecopieri Gómez says:

    Hola Diana!
    Me ha sido útil tu sitio, seguí tu receta para hacer el pay, lo hice de manzana.Gracias! es muy sencillo! Y me quedó muy bien!

    Recientemente compré una maquina para hacer pan. Quisiera usarla haciendo una buena receta
    y que el pan no me quede pesado, sino esponjado. ¿Tendías alguna receta que pueda seguir? si fuera una receta de pan con granos como avena, linaza, o semillas de girasol me encantaría, Podría ayudarme por favor! Muchas GRACIAS!!!

  49. Gilda Cecopieri Gómez says:

    Hi Diana!
    I have been useful for your site, follow your recipe to make
    pay, as did Apple.Thank you! It is very simple!
    and it was perfect!

    Recently bought a machine to make
    bread. I would like to use it to making a good recipe
    And that the bread not Me is heavy, sino-esponjado.
    You have a recipe that can follow?
    If a recipe of bread with grains
    as oats, flaxseed, sunflower seeds,
    I would love to, could help me please?

    De Hola Diana!
    Me ha Sido Útil Seguir Tu Sitio, hice tu receta para HACER
    pay, lo HICE De manzana.Gracias! es muy sencillo!
    y quedó perfecto!

    Recientemente COMPRE Una maquina para HACER
    pan,. Quisiera usarla Haciendo Una buena receta
    Y Que El Pan No Me Quede pesado, sino-esponjado.
    ¿ Tendrás alguna receta Que Pueda Seguir?
    SI fuera Una receta de Pan con Granos
    como avena, linaza, semillas de girasol,
    me encantaría, ¿podría ayudarme por favor?! Saludos!

  50. Hello Diana;
    I live in Ecuador where buttermilk, and cottage cheese are not available, but raw milk both cow’s and goat’s can be delivered to your home. I have made cottage cheese and ricotta, but now I want to make Creme Fresh. Can I use raw milk that has had vinegar added instead of buttermilk?

  51. Whitney Severson says:


    First of all, I absolutely love the wealth of information on your blog, and your humble and sweet nature pervading it all! You are a blessing to mamas striving to be both natural and Christ-like. :)

    My husband and I ordered heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, and are very excited to start them in our basement. However, in talking with my mother-in-law, she mentioned that she never grows the heirloom varieties because they are susceptible to disease, whereas the hybrid varieties are not. Have you written any articles on this topic, or could you please point to any information that categorizes these diseases? I would like to learn how to prevent them, or at the very least remedy them if they were to show up. We live in Lincoln, NE, so perhaps the diseases would be similar to what you would experience in Iowa?

    If you could offer any advice, I would be extremely grateful! I grew up helping my grandfather garden, but this is only my second garden with my husband; last year we grew hybrid plants. We are a little nervous! :)

    Thank you in advance, and blessings in Christ!!

    Whitney Severson

    • Diana Bauman says:

      Hi Whitney! Thanks for stopping by :D I have written a post about the different types of seeds but didn’t go through some of this information.

      As far as heirloom vs hbyrid. Yes, some of the heirloom varieties are going to be more susceptible to disease. From my own experience, most notably cucumbers and zucchini squash. Both of those plants seem to be more prone to verticillium wilt ( and powdery mildew ( For this reason, I do tend to buy some hybrid plants of this variety, especially since they’re aren’t too many different types of fancy cucumbers or zucchini out there.

      Here’s the thing though, the number one important thing about gardening is maintaining your soil. Many people have problems (I’ve been there!) because their soil is depleted of nutrients. If you have healthy living soil full of microbial and living organisms, you’ll grow healthy plants that are strong and able to succumb disease. After each year, it’s important to ammend your soil. I do this by adding homemade compost before I plant and by crop rotation. For example, last year in one of my beds I planted brassicas. They naturally use more nitrogen from the soil. So this year, I’m putting beans into that spot as they give nitrogen. I often times add blood meal and worm castings as well. So, I would encourage you to really learn about soil and how to ammend. Then, for sure, grow heirloom seeds! I love heirloom because their are SO many different types of varieties of plants. It’s really incredible to see the hundreds of different types of vegetables that God created and that we can grow them. Then… save those seeds :D

      Also, if you do get a disease, no worries. It happens to everyone and you’ll learn by having to experience it. Keep a vigilant eye on your plants while they’re growing and as soon as you notice something, you can take care of it naturally. I use all sorts of natural sprays of milk, baking soda, cinnamon and other things as well.

      I hope that helped a bit!!

  52. Star says:

    I’ve made lard for years, but now will have an opportunity for rendering a large amount of it. How do you keep it and for how long? Mostly, I need a way to keep it for a year. I’m thinking about pouring it into small bread tins, chilling, removing and wrapping tightly and in plastic bags, and then freezing it. Is there an alternative? Such as a type of canning method?

  53. Deborah W. says:

    Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and found it to be such an enormous encouragement! My husband and I recently decided to make the shift to all organic/whole foods and with our very tight budget it has been a constant struggle to make it happen. Your blog and sample menu plans have encouraged me to keep going with it! We are moving to Wales in September as missionaries and I know the knowledge I am gleaning from your site will be invaluable as we run a hospitality ministry on top of our other ministries there. We are seriously considering trying your menu plans as that would take the load of planning time off me as my baby girl + mission prep keep me so very busy!

    I do have one question for you that I haven’t seen addressed on your blog (perhaps I just overlooked it?) What non-toxic cookware do you recommend? I have a hard anodized non-stick set that was a wedding gift and I really want to switch over to something else as I know that is not safe. Would you recommend ceramic? Are particular ceramics better than others?

    Thank you for your help and for being a blessing to so many!

  54. Deborah says:

    I just want you to know I just finished the survey. Thank you for all the things you make available for us. I always love information about alternative health, nutritious food and more. You put a lot of work into what you give out. Thank you

  55. Barbara Dahl says:

    I entered your drawing.

  56. Julie says:

    Diana, thank you for the Powerhouse Kefir Smoothie recipe. My question: how many servings does the recipe make? Thanks!

  57. Stefanie Gaytan says:

    Hi, I subscribed to your weekly menu plan and it’s been over a week and I havnt received an email about it yet :) please help!

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