Fungal Problems? Control it with these 3 simple steps before it's too late! |

How to Control Powdery Mildew with These 3 Simple Steps

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It struck me…. again. Like a blind punch to the gut, I was taken a back as I noticed the dreaded white fuzzy layers of fungus spotted on some of my squash leaves. “Gosh darn it!” I un-embarrassingly shouted out loud. Yup, it was powdery mildew. To the beginning gardener these spots, few and mostly cosmetic, may […]

Savoring A Fleeting Season |

In Savoring A Fleeting Season

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Right now, I’m savoring the moments. This fleeting season that rips past me like a cyclone whirls through the sky. It seems that every day there’s a choice to be made. For as I’ve learned time and time again, saying yes to one thing means saying no to another.

Spanish Tortillitas - Summer Shrimp Fritters |

Spanish Tortillitas – Summer Shrimp Fritters

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I couldn’t be more excited for Big Brother. At the end of this month he’s headed off to Spain with Big Cousin to spend 3 whole weeks basking in the Spanish sun with his Abuela and Papa. It’s incredible to me how much he still remembers of his travels to Andalucia. The last time he visited, he was just shy […]