Spanish Tortillitas - Summer Shrimp Fritters |

Spanish Tortillitas – Summer Shrimp Fritters

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I couldn’t be more excited for Big Brother. At the end of this month he’s headed off to Spain with Big Cousin to spend 3 whole weeks basking in the Spanish sun with his Abuela and Papa. It’s incredible to me how much he still remembers of his travels to Andalucia. The last time he visited, he was just shy […]

5 Sensational Summer Jams |

5 Sensational Summer Jam and Jelly Recipes

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As the temperatures start to soar in mid July and August, the summer’s finest berries and stone fruits plump into juices so sweet, one can’t help but preserve them into a spread that can be enjoyed for much longer than its fleeting season. I seem to find myself checking my local berry patch farm’s website daily to find out […]

My Favorite Links and Things |

My Favorite Links and Things

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I hope you have been slowing down and enjoying your summer as much as I have. We finally kissed K and 2nd grade good-bye and I’m still coming down from cloud 9 after the most amazing Independence Day holiday I’ve had in quite some time. My family and I spent July 3rd, celebrating with family over supper and finished our […]