Modern Buttercream and How To Build a Tiered Cake |

Modern Buttercream and How to Build A Tiered Cake

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There was a time in my life that baking cakes was my hobby. Not just baking them, but decorating them as well. I took a series of Wilton classes at my local Hobby Lobby store and fell in love with the creativity of putting together bright fun birthday cakes or large tiered ones with classical […]

We're Building a Homestead From the Ground Up ... Now What? |

We’re Building a Homestead From the Ground Up … Now What?

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Friends, I am so thrilled to be able to share with you that next year we will no longer be urban homesteaders but living the full fledged homesteading life. We’ll have 10 acres of pasture land to build our homestead upon. In my dreams I have visions of chickens meandering through the pasture, pecking their way […]

Jesus Loves You |

Jesus Loves You

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I was going to share with you some pumpkin recipes that I’ve created over the years including stews, soups, side dishes, oatmeal, cookies, and bars. However, my heart has been weighing heavy. I really felt the need to share something else with you … Jesus loves you. No, really, he does. The stories are true. Jesus walked this earth […]